Minor adjustments needed downtown

Posted: Sunday, September 09, 2001

This is a constructive comment in general. The improvements at the intersection of South Franklin Street and the Public Library Parking Garage have received "thumbs up" from both tourists and residents.

The flow of traffic has improved tremendously except for some minor discourtesy of some motorists who disregard the yield sign which creates a bottleneck in the intersection and coupled with some people crossing the intersection from the Admiral Way parking area by Red Dog Saloon that likewise slow the movement of vehicles.

A strict enforcement of a jaywalking ordinance must be imposed with a fine for violators. Another remedy is to install decorative pickets (steel) around the nicely trimmed grass by the parking area to discourage people who step on the grass to cross the intersection.

Since our shop, Erlinda Gift Shoppe, is directly facing the intersection, we notice all of these happenings. Another serious thing we notice and which needs immediate attention is to correct the 12-inch-high concrete divide between the permit-only parking areas and the pedestrian lane by the parking structure. Several people have stumbled or tripped on this divider. We don't need to wait for a serious accident before we take actions. My suggestion is either to paint the divider to alert passersby, or re-construct the divider as a bench. This way people could rest of a while before crossing. During one of our sunny days, a tourist was observed reclining on top of the divider.

After the renovation of the intersection. I was a little disappointed that a big clock was not included in the improvement. From time to time tourists or plain passersby ask our shop what time it is. I have mentioned this minor situation to the City Borough where we could install a clock visible to all angles of the intersection.

Another situation or condition that is frustrating is when you cannot help people who ask, "Where is the nearest rest room?" This is almost a daily situation.

Jose S. Ferrer


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