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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, September 09, 2002

Since bringing my family to Alaska several years ago, I've voted in every election that I can remember - until this last one. It didn't really seem like a real Alaska election, where anything can happen, and something usually does. It seemed rather canned.

But the general election is upcoming and since the format will feature a choice rather than an echo. We'll definitely be at this one.

I discarded the principle of voting along party lines long ago, so I've been trying to come up with a consistent system that will help me choose the best people for the job. I think I've found one. I figure that politicians come in two basic categories:

1. Those that want to be elected by everybody to represent the special interests of themselves and their friends.

2. Those that want to be elected by everybody to represent the interests of everybody equally.

I'm voting for the No. 2's. I want people with the mindset of Jay Hammond to represent me.

John Whiting

Eagle River

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