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Posted: Monday, September 09, 2002

All this discussion of war with Iraq worries me. I worry that Americans have a sanitized view of war. All our wars are on other peoples' lands. Imagine the citizens of other countries enduring the violence, anxiety, pain, hunger, lack of water, lack of medicines, loss of family members like we did on Sept. 11 but day after day. And yet, we are asked to participate in polls on TV about whether we should attack the "evil ones."

Vice President Cheney has said "there is no doubt" that Saddam will use weapons of mass destruction against us. Some experts have doubt and I have a lot of doubt. I doubt that Cheney is only motivated by our nation's safety. After all, when he was CEO of Halliburton his company did $23.8 million in business with Saddam helping rebuild the war-damaged oil fields. Ironic, isn't it? Halliburton also dealt with some other unsavory dictatorships like Iran, Libya, Algeria, Haiti, Somalia and others. Somehow, this all stinks of oil to me. I think that the administration just wants to take advantage of the American desire to protect the world and use a regime change to benefit oil corporations.

What kind of nation are we that we don't argue with all this talk of war when we are considering inflicting great pain and suffering on a people who already are suffering. Why do you suppose the rest of the world is against our attacking Iraq? Could it be that the rest of the world knows first hand what war is really like? If our country does this, we are all responsible for the misery we cause. And where are we going to get the troops for this war? We have troops all over the world. Is there going to be a draft? Are our children going to be pulled out of university to fight? We should demand answers to these questions and we should demand that the UN supports whatever we do in Iraq.

Mary Watson


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