City was hospitable to Greenpeace ship

Posted: Tuesday, September 09, 2003

On behalf of Greenpeace and particularly the crew of the M.V. Esperanza, I want to thank the people of Juneau for the warm reception we received during our time there. Close to 800 people came to see our ship and throughout our stay. We met Alaskans who made us feel welcome, even if they didn't always agree with us.

I also wanted to clear up one misconception that was apparently reported in at least one media outlet: The City of Juneau did not deny us or rescind permission for dock space. On the contrary, the city did everything it could to accommodate us at its docks, after the space we had reserved at the privately owned Seadrome Marine was canceled 10 days before the ship arrived. In the end, we were able to tie up for only one day due to the city's busy cruise ship schedule.

The people of Juneau should be proud that their city had an open mind for Greenpeace's visit. While we were disappointed the governor was unable or unwilling to meet with us, we enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with so many residents. We hope this is just the beginning of a constructive dialogue among everyone who cares about the future of the Tongass and communities of Southeast Alaska.

Joel Stewart

Captain of the M.V. Esperanza


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