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Posted: Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tony Knowles' latest commercial cites Vote No. 41 on an amendment offered on Senate Concurrent Resolution 95, this year's concurrent resolution on the budget, as proof that Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted against jobs for Alaskans. I've read the Congressional Record on this vote and his claims are balderdash.

A concurrent resolution on the budget assumes certain level of revenues coming in to the U.S. Treasury and recommends spending targets for the following five years. It's just the first step in the budget process; the appropriations committees still have to pass detailed budgets within those revenue assumptions and spending targets.

The amendment that Tony Knowles is using in this lame attempt to blast Sen. Lisa Murkowski suggested the appropriations committees spend an additional $24 billion over five years "to provide resources for job creation."

How did the Democrats intend to pay for it? By an $8 billion tax increase for 2005 that included ending the child tax credit and continuing the marriage penalty tax - hurting ordinary families. By increasing taxes on small businessmen and women who employ us and our children - hurting their ability to employ more people.

This amendment took over 50 hours of senators' time to debate while a perfectly good jobs bill, with bipartisan support, was moving through the committee process. This amendment was a waste of time and would have been a waste of your tax dollars. Sen. Murkowski, Sen. Ted Stevens and every other Republican senator voted against this amendment. It was the right thing to do.

Tony Knowles thinks Alaskans are either fools or ignorant. Tony supports an amendment that would hurt working families and small business employers so the government could create programs and administer regulations in the hope that more jobs would be created. Sen. Murkowski knows Alaskans need their hard-earned money more than the government does. That's one big reason why I support her.

Karen McCarthy


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