Venting hot gas

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 09, 2004

I read with interest Mr. Anderson's critique of Capital City Fire and their efforts to stop the fire in the Skinner building. It appears that Mr. Anderson has had very little in the way of experience with the rigors of fighting a real fire or a real fire department for that matter.

We all know that prevention is the key to everything, but it is not always successful. That is also why there are fire departments. If Mr. Anderson thought he could fight the fire so much better why didn't he offer to help? A real firefighter would have.

I wish to add my high regard for CCF and their successful stop on the fire. Yes, I said successful. Everyone went home, the fire didn't spread to another building, and Mr. Anderson went back to his home with a bad enough opinion of Alaska that hopefully he won't return.

If Mr. Anderson were to come to Ketchikan and venture north to the city limits he might as well turn around and head south. He won't like the fire department he finds there either, but I'm here to tell you that I am as proud of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department and the members I am privileged to work with as Chief Mohrmann and Chief Beckner are of their department and their personnel. They are all good people doing a hard job and don't deserve direction from a back seat driver. No one does.

Shake it off Capital City Fire. You are better than that and those of us that have had the pleasure of working with some of you know it. You know it. As for an idiot who stands on the sidelines and professes to know all there is to know about fighting fire in old buildings, well, we all know he was just venting some hot gas.

David Hull, Chief

North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department

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