A long shot

Posted: Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Alaska-based anti-missile system raises disturbing questions about how this is to make us safer. In reality, it only triggers world fears that come at the price of other countries ramping up their offensive weapons.

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This anti-missile system cost billions and is acknowledged by missile scientists to have, at best, a "long shot" of even hitting a real incoming missile. One has to question why.

Juneau has now become a component of the failed system. The new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration lab at Lena Point is to have a radar to be used in upcoming test of the missile system. The Missile Defense Agency plans a public meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13, at the University of Alaska Southeast; however, it is not yet publicized. It is time to have a community discussion on the merits of the system that doesn't seem to work and the billions of dollars being used to militarize space.

Folks, we are part of this insane effort. Let's hope the MDA will be willing to talk about the bigger picture on Sept. 13.

K.J. Metcalf


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