Juneau's summer: cold, wet, normal

As dreary as weather was, only one record broken during season

Posted: Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If we put up with this much rain this summer, shouldn't we at least be able to brag about it?

Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire
Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire

"As miserable as the weather was," said Juneau resident Rick Foche, "we didn't even break any records, so that wasn't much of a consolation."

This summer, Juneau saw a cool, dry June; a cold, very wet July; and a cool-but-normal August, according to National Weather Service records from the Juneau Airport.

There was one record low: 33 degrees Fahrenheit, on June 9.

This June was relatively dry compared to previous Junes - 1.66 inches of rainfall, compared to an average of 3.36 inches. This might be news to those who experienced it, though, because it rained all but two days that month.

July came closer to establishing its place in history as a month worth griping about.

It was the second-wettest July on record at 8 inches - nearly double the normal rainfall. And this July had the lowest average high temperature for the month on record. But the nights weren't that cold, so it wasn't the coldest July on record.

August was cool but otherwise normal, with 5.1 inches of rain, compared to the average August at 5.37 inches.

Nothing shocking there, said Pete Boyd, an intern at the National Weather Service.

"Cold and rainy," Boyd said, "that's August in Southeast Alaska."

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