Dismissal a victory for Angoon

Posted: Thursday, September 09, 2010

The recent subsistence fishing violation dismissal from Sitka Judge David George hails as a victory for the subsistence community of Angoon.

"Our Way of Life" as indigenous peoples has been violated and scrutinized by the state of Alaska as we seek the basic right to our food security in our territorial waters and land. The state of Alaska has no right to regulate "our way of life" of our customary and traditional use. The state of Alaska should be protecting our way of life, not penalizing our Native people for providing for our families as our ancestors have done for thousands of years.

Each subsistence community has the ability to mandate their own customary and traditional usage in a respectful way as we have done since time immemorial.

Wally Frank Sr.


President of the Angoon Community Association Tribal Council

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