Where a logging ban and local hopes collide
From a float plane high above Gravina Island, the crowns of spruce, hemlock and cedar interlock in a canopy unbroken, a forest thick, green and very old.

Minor adjustments needed downtown
This is a constructive comment in general. The improvements at the intersection of South Franklin Street and the Public Library Parking Garage have received "thumbs up" from both tourists and residents.

It's time to reduce flightseeing
Coming during a terrible season of flightseeing noise, Don Smith's endorsement of flightseeing operators is particularly galling. Some of his points could be agreed on, but most are misrepresentations. He is egregiously inaccurate in asserting that flightseeing operators have "responsibly addressed the concerns of local residents."

Land and money
The Alaska Native Land Claims Act has been mentioned in recent letters. I being one of the recipients of this act would like to share some facts that you writers should be aware of.

It's not a technical exercise
I was perplexed by John B. d'Armand, DMA's (?) letter criticizing a high school English teacher for the grammatically incorrect placement of the word "only" in a letter to the editor.

A grammar lesson
You published, 7 September, a letter from an English teacher. It contains this sentence: "He seems to think teachers are only 'teaching' when they are in the physical presence of students." Ah, the placement of that frisky little word "only"! In the teacher's statement, it implies that teachers do something other than teach when they are in the physical presence of students. Here is the syntax which probably states the teacher's meaning more accurately: He seems to think that teachers are teaching only when they are in the physical presence of students.

Tlingit-Haida takes Head Start into child-care homes
Tlingit-Haida Head Start is accepting applications from family child-care home providers to deliver Head Start services to children in their care.

Around Town

LeConte adds stops in September
JUNEAU The state ferry LeConte has added stops in Haines and Skagway on Sept. 20 to accommodate traffic on that route, the Alaska Marine Highway said.

Big Brothers director takes new job
JUNEAU After five years as director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Tony Newman is stepping down to take a state job.

A fjord by any other name
Few are drawn to Tracy Arm by the name. If tour boat skippers required their destinations to have a descriptive name as a selling point, they'd all head for Glacier Bay.

Ships in port
Ships in port for the coming week

Holiday gift operation gears up
Operation Christmas Child plans to send shoe boxes of holiday presents to the Russian Far East this year, and hopes Juneau will show its traditional generosity.

Smoking ban vote scheduled Monday
Shortly before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, the bingo players inside the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall are waiting for the game to start. The table between Rebecca Nelson and her sister is filled with cups of steaming coffee, bingo "throwaways" and colored daubers. As the two joke with each other, a tendril of smoke curls from Nelson's cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

Cabbie assaulted, robbed downtown
A local cab driver, 31, was assaulted and robbed in the city parking lot at Main Street and Egan Drive early Sunday, police said.

The city's proposed smoking ordinance at a glance
What would the smoking ban cover?

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Tuesday is tango night in Juneau
JUNEAU Dance teachers aboard a Tango at Sea cruise will come ashore Tuesday evening to teach the tango in Juneau.

Housing authority receives federal grant
JUNEAU The Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority has received $172,500 to prevent substance abuse and crime among young people who live in its 545 units of low-income housing in 15 Southeast communities.

Hudson mulls lump permanent fund payout
Sen. Jerry Mackie retired from the state Legislature in 2000, but a controversial bill he filed before his departure has a political life of its own.

Events in Juneau

Assembly candidates swap views on issues
Jeannie Johnson highlighted her skills as a mediator and negotiator as Tony Reiger spoke of building bridges and consensus at a Juneau Chamber of Commerce candidate forum Friday.

Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Black bear trapped, killed in Valley
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game caught and destroyed a bear last week in the Mendenhall Valley. The male black bear was trapped on Columbia Boulevard early Thursday.

Local Briefs
Scooter collision injures boys; Forum on homelessness set; Tuesday is tango night; Nine survive crash near Cordova

A teacher for many of Juneau's generations celebrates at 95
Retired teacher Elizabeth "Betty" Green will celebrate her 95th birthday Wednesday in the same house she's lived in since 1944, surrounded by former students some the children of former students.

Obituary: Alice E. 'Kandi' Bryson Crouse
Alice E. "Kandi" Bryson Crouse died Aug. 8, 2001, in New York state.

My Turn: Give those impacted by noise consideration
At the Juneau Empire Citizens Advisory Board meeting I attended in July, I stated that the Empire has the opportunity to unite or divide this community; to build it up or tear it down. You can bring our town together to seek common ground or you can increase the divisiveness of many issues we face.

In Dawson City, follow the outhouse to the bridge
What does Juneau have in common with Dawson City in Yukon Territory? As well as a mining history, fondness for historic structures and coffee and an emphasis on tourism, we share a chronic road issue. We and they have chosen to use a ferry to cross the water from our communities to the larger world. We have Lynn Canal, they have the Yukon River.

Opening ANWR is good for Alaska
Exactly how many jobs would be created by opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling? It depends on whom you ask.

Word Of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

My Turn: Schorr's view of teachers seriously skewed
I am not prone to writing letters to the newspaper, but Alan Schorr's My Turn was so disturbing it requires rebutting.

My Turn: A free ticket, a pittance, and vilification
Juneau is a thriving arts community: a non-profit community theater, a lyric opera, a community orchestra, a youth choir, five museums, four libraries, three bookstores, three specialty bookstores, four movie venues, a dance troupe, historical societies, musicians, artists, poets; folk fest fund-raisers, gallery openings, open mikes and arts in the parks, in addition to Alaska's largest professional theater, all packed into a town that elsewhere couldn't support half of our craft shows.

My turn: Embrace a new definition of 'community'
Community discourse on capital-legislative move efforts seems focused on where Juneau has positioned itself since the 1994 capital move election. As a former Juneau Assembly member, current president of Southeast Conference and a member of the Alaska Committee, I am directly involved with these issues and feel compelled to share some recent experiences and current perceptions.

My Turn: Alaska voters tired of political posturing
In choosing to forego an appeal of the Katie John case, Gov. Knowles made a courageous decision to stand on moral principle rather than pander to political whim or expediency. His decision was not an easy one.

Empire editorial: Assembly to consider Tongass resolution
Monday evening the Juneau Assembly will consider a resolution calling for re-examination of the Roadless Policy as it applies to the Tongass National Forest. The Roadless Area Conservation Rule, published Jan. 12, 2001, was a final, carele

Sports events for the coming week

Juneau runners sweep Ketchikan Invitational
Perfection. The Juneau-Douglas High School cross-country team was only one runner from nearly achieving this feat this weekend.

Scores from JYFL

Juneau girls sweep swim meets
The Juneau-Douglas High School girls swim team swept to victories in its opening two meets of the season Friday and Saturday at Sitka's Blatchley Pool, while the Crimson Bear boys took third place on Friday and second Saturday. The Ketchikan boys swept their two meets.

Undefeated and playoff bound
The Juneau-Douglas High School football team remembered all too well the feeling of not being in last year's state playoffs, despite a record that matched two of the Cook Inlet Football Conference teams that qualified.

Holland America drops Valdez stops
Holland America will drop Valdez from its 2002 port of call list. The company said it has not found a way to show off what Valdez has to offer passengers, said Paul Allen, vice president for Alaska Cruise Tours.

Construction likely to clash with major arms treaty
It hardly seems the stuff of geopolitical significance: In forested flatlands about 100 miles from Fairbanks, contractors are taking down 135 acres of fire-scorched spruce and birch trees on a closed military post.

Little Diomede residents may move
The 150 residents of Little Diomede Island are considering moving their entire community to the mainland.

Missile defense protest turns into impromptu forum
A protest of the proposed national missile defense system turned into a forum Saturday as protesters mingled with residents who back the project being built at Fort Greely, an Interior Alaska Army base otherwise targeted for closure.

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