Land and money

Posted: Monday, September 10, 2001

The Alaska Native Land Claims Act has been mentioned in recent letters. I being one of the recipients of this act would like to share some facts that you writers should be aware of. The $100 million that was paid out in the act went to Native corporations. It did not go to the people of these corporations. A select few have reaped from the act. The 44 million acres also was given to the corporations. It does not belong to the individual shareholder. I as a shareholder have not gained any land in the act. I hold no deeds. The corporations will not release land to the owners now or in the future. The act was a total extinguishment of all our rights. Here we are 30 years after the Alaska Claims Act with mismanaged and failing corporations. So you hornblowers out there, do your homework; look at all 13 Native corporations and then tell me what I have received from this act of extinguishment. Don't forget that your European ancestors held a stone axe in their hands also.

Tim Ackerman


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