Schedules were tight

Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2002

The major party politicos are out and about, strategizing, building their war chests and other familial support groups. On infrequent occasion, I get to go to one of these rally functions. The food is great, and there are folks I can visit with, plus I may even get to ask a question, though it may run small risk of ruffling or heaven forbid, even fray at some of those in attendance. Take for instance, a question I asked about drilling for oil in ANWR.

Apparently, the major party politicos stand firmly united in wanting to open up ANWR for exploration and drilling. I was told we need this additional oil to maintain our Alaska level of comfort, one that the more fortunate among us, have become accustomed to. It's further mentioned that two Alaska Native groups are, themselves, opposed on whether to allow drilling or not, which implies to me, that there is no perceived problem with choosing the pro-drilling side, and strengthening this united front.

An additional response to my question is referred to a wildlife professional, I think, who tells us that neither the life cycle of the caribou nor their current numbers will be adversely affected by drilling in ANWR, so strong is the herd's natural condition?

Schedules were very tight, so there was not time for another word or question about campaign contribution reform or viable alternatives to our oil driven economy or non-fossil energy research incentives.

Perhaps it's ridiculous to think that these issues could possibly come up in a mass media, pre-election debate, between our major party politicos?

Perhaps the major politico union is now so very complete that a clear choice is no longer an issue?

Alan Munro


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