Filipino scholarships

Posted: Wednesday, September 10, 2003

For the 2002-03 school year, 63 students qualified for the Filipino Community, Inc., Scholarship Program. The students accepted their awards during the Awards and Family Night potluck dinner on Sept. 5 at the Filipino Hall.

Jonathan Lunasin received the $2,000 initial college scholarship. He has been accepted in the U.S. Air Force ROTC Program at the Oregon State University.

Clarabelle A. Abad, Victoria N. Andes, Edward B. Antonio, Annamae L. Dumaop, Marques H. Dumaop, Zuriel A. Ebron, Alan R. Floresca, Krystle L. Llanto, Shane Michael C. Llanto, Joyce P. Lumba, Veris G. Lunasin, Ella Lorena C. Magallanes, Jonas Dan A. Malalang, Roland G. Mueca, and Phillip B. Subeldia received books and transportation allowances.

The Athlete Incentive Award is given to high school students who excel in varsity sports. Hannah C. Barril, Rachel C. Barril, Sergio C. Magallanes and David M. Saldivar were awarded the Athlete Incentive Award this year.

The Savings Bond Incentive awards sixth to eleventh-grade students who have earned a 3.0 to 4.0 grade point average. Recipients included David Joe E. Abad, Beatriz A. Abella, Rachele Ann C. Albay, Maria Cristina N. Andes, Maria Lourdes N. Andes, Hannah C. Barril, Mark C. Bautista, Mathew C. Bautista, Kristine G. Burke, Mathew A. Cabrigas, Edmar A. Carrillo, Melvin Jared C. Cristobal, Carlo A. Ebron, Amanda Mae Endicott, Andrea A. Francisco, Shawn M. Ibesate, Chard M. Jardin, Matt J. Jardin, Cary Y. Kelly, Natalie E. King, Tracy-Diane M. Lazaro, Etherlene R. Lanuza, Gloria S. Lumba, Lanie A. Lumbab, Lourliza B. Lumbab, Vera S. Lumbab, Vernadette S. Lumbab, Jason G. Lunasin, Sergio C. Magallanes, Tanya A. Malalang, Tasha A. Malalang, Anadel D. Piol, April D. Piol, Elmelo M. Punongbayan Jr., Janelle L. Quimpo, Jonathon W. Quimpo, Nicole L. Roldan, Jonathan B. Saceda, Jordan B. Saceda, Shalane C. Saceda, David M. Saldivar, Nicholas M. Saldivar, Clarissa Y. Suson, Malissa Myr Y. Suson, and Brian J. Yadao.

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