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Posted: Friday, September 10, 2004

I remember a time in Juneau, around 1973 or '74, when the Baranof Hotel was on fire. Many, many people were in jeopardy and many of our homes (ours was a block away) were in jeopardy. The Juneau Fire Department, the Coast Guard and anyone with any knowledge in firefighting was there to help. Thanks to the fire department, the hotel was saved, our homes were saved, only one person was killed, and importantly, the downtown area was saved.

I have lived outside of Alaska for some time now. I have yet to experience the professionalism and dedication of Juneau's volunteer fire department anywhere I have lived. Nor do I expect to - Juneau fire personnel know what's at stake and they do what is needed (sometimes, more) to make sure everyone is safe and as little damage is done as possible.

Since downtown Juneau did not burn up with the Skinner building, I suspect Juneau firefighters did their best, again.

Must be nice, Mr. Anderson (Empire guest column, Sept. 1), to sit on a high throne and look down on the rest of the world through smoke-colored lenses, passing judgments you have no knowledge base for.

Jackie Woolf

Moscow, Idaho

1974 Juneau-Douglas graduate

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