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Posted: Friday, September 10, 2004

It is interesting that some people are offended and others feel discriminated against by having to choose which ballot to request. Should the Order of the Moose allow the Elks to choose their officers - or Goldbelt allow Sealaska to choose their officers? Why then should the various parties allow those outside their party choose their representatives?

The real question is why the state of Alaska is sponsoring and paying for primary elections. Should this not be the responsibility of the various individual parties - including paying for them? This is what just occurred on the national scene and think of the money our financially hard-pressed state would save.

Now, back to the Moose and the Elks and Goldbelt and Sealaska: Whoever was selected by each of these organizations (by their own members) may then compete with each other to be selected as person of the year without regard to their membership in their various organizations. This is the same as our general election when we have the privilege of voting for the person we feel will better lead the nation regardless of which organization they represent. Since this is a general election and all parties' candidates are listed, it is reasonable that the state sponsor this election and pay for it. Think about it.

Betty McDonough


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