School board tilts at the windmills

Posted: Sunday, September 10, 2006

"Bong Hits 4 Jesus," a schoolboy prank appealed to the Supreme Court in care of the infamous Kenneth Starr, is unbelievable.

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I am sure in his wildest imagination, Joseph Frederick could never have envisioned the bizarre and dizzying heights of attention his teenage prank would ultimately achieve. He must be absolutely flabbergasted and amazed. I most certainly am.

Instead of fully addressing the many very real and urgent problems facing our schools like class size, teacher pay and retirement, overcrowding, upkeep of facilities and the myriad other issues they are elected to do, the Juneau School Board chooses to dilute its energies to tilt at windmills, exactly like the Don Quixote of old.

And like Quixote, they are bound to lose, but not before costing a great deal of money and gaining Juneau even more ridiculous attention in the eyes of the world. The most amazing and saddest part is that beating this dead horse actually promotes what this school board claims to be combating.

Here are supposedly responsible adults acting like willful and petulant children, stubbornly determined to have their way no matter what. Here are people who apparently believe things to be what they say they are, never mind reality. In fact, this school board very much puts me in mind of President Bush and his administration.

Just one person on the school board has kept her cool. Thank you, Margo Waring.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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