Why was Stevens protest silenced?

Posted: Monday, September 10, 2007

I have been traveling, so this is a bit late. Upon reading back issues of the paper, I see Sen. Ted Stevens quite rightly came down to help open the new Lena Point Lab, which is a fine addition to the community.

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However, there was a troubling item in the paper. It stated protesters showed up, but they were kept out of sight and sound of the senator. This leads to the obvious question: Why?

We assume they were carrying signs, not guns, and the signs and slogans did not express violence of any sort.

If this is true, then why were they not allowed to express their constitutional right to protest in public? Who ordered this? Ted Stevens serves at the pleasure of Alaskans. If some feel his actions are wrong, why aren't they allowed to say so in his sight and hearing? Does he have to be protected from the public? Is he so sensitive to detractors that he must not see or hear them? Is his ego so frail that he must not know some disapprove of him?

It's a sad day when ordinary Alaskans cannot peacefully assemble to express their opinions of public officials at a public event. It is even sadder when the reporter covering the event or the editors of your paper do not question this segregation.

Dee Longenbaugh


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