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Posted: Monday, September 10, 2007

The Juneau Raptor Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation and release of injured or sick birds in Southeast Alaska. The Juneau Raptor Center is a volunteer organization serving Southeast Alaska since 1987.

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JRC provides medical care to over 200 sick and injured raptors and birds each year. We deliver educational programs, featuring non-releasable birds, to local and regional groups, teaching audiences of all ages the basics of conservation. We obtain permits from the state of Alaska, Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

We must follow rigorous guidelines and regulations regarding the care of the birds that we maintain for rehabilitation and education. Our bird environments are assessed and inspected on a regular basis by the previously mentioned agencies for space allocations and the quality of care that is provided. The enclosure that houses Spirit, at the top of the tram, is the size that is federally mandated and meets her needs. When the enclosure was built, it was done with specifications and design assistance of the Minnesota Raptor Board and approved by the Fish and Wildlife Service. She is not a flighted bird due to her blindness. If she were flighted, she would require a larger enclosure. In an earlier My Turn, such an enclosure was mentioned in Ryan Lancaster's letter.

Every effort is made to maximize the birds' chances of returning to the wild. Since Spirit is unable to be released, she is being utilized in our educational endeavors. Through her presence, we are able to teach people to respect them and to prevent human-caused injuries. We have cared for many birds that have suffered such injuries. We believe that she has helped us with that goal.

We would like to invite Ryan Lancaster to become a member and volunteer with the Juneau Raptor Center to assist us in attaining the changes mentioned in his letter.

Dale Cotton

Juneau Raptor Center,at-large board member


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