Bring Palin home, vote Obama
It's been fun and exciting to see Gov. Sarah Palin on the national stage. Having our own local person in the national spotlight is somehow satisfying. However, we cannot let our fun and excitement override our analysis of what is best for America.

State on verge of crisis
I believe that our state agencies are on the verge of a crisis in their ability to provide adequate services to the citizens of Alaska. I also believe that most of the state commissioners and others in the departmental leadership are trying to do the best they can with the human resources they have, but the well is going dry.

Is McCain really a hero for nation?
What is with all these praises by Gov. Sarah Palin for John McCain the "War Hero"?

The fish that lays the Golden Egg
This time of year, a few ravaged chum females are still wandering up local streams to spawn. Their flesh is nearly worthless, but their eggs, at least outside Alaska, are liquid gold.

Sales taxes won't help pay for sculpture
Sales taxes won't help pay for a life-sized bronze whale sculpture that a group of citizens hope to place downtown, the Juneau Assembly decided Monday.

Juneau's summer: cold, wet, normal
If we put up with this much rain this summer, shouldn't we at least be able to brag about it?

Juneau looks at avalanche forecasting
When Highlands neighborhood resident Toni Fratzke goes to bed at night, she sometimes thinks about the possibility of a six-foot wall of snow crashing into her home.

City to move on land deal for parking garage
City Manager Rod Swope received official approval Monday to reach a deal with the state of Alaska on land the state owns at Telephone Hill, where the city plans to build a parking project.

Tax-free food on agenda
The Juneau Assembly will consider a member's request to put a stop to taxing food.

Some parents are upset about Montessori program placement
Parents voiced concern at Tuesday's Juneau School Board meeting over how the district is placing students in its Montessori program.

Photo: Images from another time Bear Man of Pack Creek, 1981
The late Stan Price carries his movie camera near Pack Creek on Admiralty Island to film brown bears in 1981. Price moved to Pack Creek in 1945 and lived there for more than four decades. He became famous as The "Bear Man of Pack Creek," living among the brown bears that fed on salmon in the creek. The area where Price lived is now called the Stan Price State Wildlife Sanctuary. Price died in the early 1990s.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Photo: Raising Fetal Alcohol Syndrome awareness
Lyle James, whose Tlingit name is Xeetli.éesh, leads the Wooshjieen Dancers on Tuesday at the start of the International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day Awareness/Wellness Walk and Suicide Vigil in front of the Capitol. Participants walked from the Capitol to Marine Park to promote the development of a culturally sensitive FASD diagnostic clinic.

Around Town

Photo: It's beginning to look a lot like autumn
Lisa EaganLagerquist pushes her son, Samuel Lagerquist, as she runs Tuesday on an autumn leaf-covered Perseverance Trail "It sure feels like fall," EaganLagerquist said.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town

'Forbidden Kingdom' a mindless good time
'The Forbidden Kingdom'

Alaska's national parks combat invasive plants
Alaska's national parks are not immune to invasive plants. With more than 54 million acres of Alaska managed by the National Park Service, entire landscapes and the fish, wildlife, and recreational activities they support are at risk. To combat the onslaught of exotic plant invasions, the NPS has Exotic Plant Management Teams, and the Alaska EPMT is wrapping up its sixth season.

Language, change in preserving the past
During this summer, if you were visiting Jerusalem, you would be able to go to the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum to view the Great Isaiah scroll. It is the most complete text from the Dead Sea discoveries.

Mount Jumbo Gym Preschool to continue hosting open gyms
JUNEAU - Mount Jumbo Gym Preschool is hosting open gyms for Juneau families and caregivers with their preschool-aged kids, ages 1-6. Open gyms continue from 10:30 a.m. to noon Mondays-Fridays.

Hospice and Home Care seeks new program director
JUNEAU - Hospice and Home Care of Juneau, an award-winning program of Catholic Community Service, is seeking a program director.

Juneau resident shares grandmother's recipe
Swap a recipe, meet a neighbor and share a story. This is where it happens. Keep the recipes coming.

Dowd, Schrader wed
Frances Dowd and Larry Schrader, both of Juneau, were married Aug. 8, 2008, in Warrenton, Ore. Friends and family are invited to a barbecue/potluck reception at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 13, at Marlintini's Lounge. Children are welcome, provided they are with a guardian. There will be live music by Chrome Forrest and tons of food. Bring your favorite dish and come celebrate with the new couple. Any questions, call Frannie at 723-3394.

Bunny Mercer
Longtime Juneau resident Bunny Francine E. Mercer died Sept. 9, 2008, in Juneau. She was 68.

My turn: Learning communities expand school's tradition of excellence
This week, as Juneau grads continue their education at colleges such as Harvard, University of Washington Med School and Duke Law; as foreign exchange students depart to Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary and elsewhere; and as students begin the year at the high school of their choice, it's timely to acknowledge the tradition of excellence established for a half-century at Juneau-Douglas High School - which we as a school and as a community are committed to expanding.

My turn: Thank you for supporting 'No on 4'
Finally the primary election is over and we've all had a chance to catch our breath, so I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped defeat the anti-mining ballot Measure 4. It went down by about a 15 percent margin statewide.

My turn: Apply political standards to both sides equally
I recently read the My Turn column by Diane McCarty, "Palin not qualified to be VP" (Thursday's Juneau Empire).

My turn: Troopergate allegations expose new corruption
I've known and respected many Alaska State Troopers in my 60 years in Alaska. But amazingly, now it appears that the most corrupt Good Old Boy network is Alaska's Department of Public Safety.

Outside editorial: Now the hard part
Sarah Palin's hunting skills are marvelous. Joe Biden's mom is a hoot. John McCain's wisecracks are hilarious and Barack Obama's three-point shot is deadly. So stipulated.

Outside editorial: Fannie-Freddie takeover: costly but necessary
In placing troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under federal control, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. did what he had to do, and he did it pretty well.

Fewer smokers mean cities lose tax money
FAIRBANKS - Fewer people in Alaska are smoking, and the decline in tobacco sales is cutting into the amount of tobacco tax money available for some government budgets.

Search continues for missing Sitka man
JUNEAU - A search has turned up no sign of a 41-year-old Sitka man missing since Sunday.

Trooper not contacted by state investigator
ANCHORAGE - The Alaska state trooper at the heart of a legislative investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power said Tuesday he has not been contacted by the man overseeing the inquiry.

Beavers moved from Tanana River levees
FAIRBANKS - Work crews have relocated scores of beavers from the Tanana River levee system.

Coast Guard cutter arrives back home
KETCHIKAN - The Coast Guard cutter Acushnet and its 82-person crew are back home in Ketchikan.

Decorated Alaska general retires
ANCHORAGE - Brig. Gen. Craig Christensen has retired as assistant adjutant general of the 49th Space and Missile Defense Battalion.

Fairbanks bear hunter wounded
FAIRBANKS - A Fairbanks man is recovering from a leg wound suffered while bear hunting.

ABC parcels out Palin interview
ANCHORAGE - ABC News' Charles Gibson will interview Sarah Palin this week in her first sit-down interview with a network since the Alaska governor was named John McCain's running mate last week.

Enstar will seek 22 percent rate hike
ANCHORAGE - Enstar Natural Gas Co. said it plans to raise rates for home heating by 22 percent in January.

Cogswell, Lam roll 'Century Series' in Mixed Bowling League
JUNEAU - The Sunday Mixed Bowling League saw Mary Cogswell roll a season high 226 game/573 series (100 pins over average), while Marie Lam rolled a 164/457 (135 pins over average) to lead the league in the third week of the season. Other high women bowlers were Vanda Ranndolph, with 199/172/532; Maureen Danberg, 190/173/516; and Kim Vaughan, 201.

Clinic 'recharges' wrestlers
Wade Schalles' hall of fame wrestling career didn't begin in a gym or as a playground bully. His toughness came from being the neighborhood runt.

Anglers spending fewer hours fishing for king salmon
Last week, on average it took Juneau area marine boat anglers 194 rod hours to harvest a king. Last year at this time, it took 473 rod hours and the five-year average was 352 rod hours per fish. There were no hot spots for last week. Remember, to fish for kings, anglers must have in possession a 2008 fishing license and a king salmon stamp.


French to retain oversight of Palin probe
ANCHORAGE - A Republican effort failed Monday to unseat the Alaska senator overseeing the ethics investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power when she dismissed the state's public safety commissioner.

Stevens: Prosecutors not turning over materials
WASHINGTON - Federal prosecutors aren't turning over materials U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens needs to defend himself at his quickly approaching corruption trial, including possible criminal investigations and the medical records of the prosecution's star witness, the senator's lawyers complained Tuesday.

Judge delays Cowdery trial
ANCHORAGE - The trial of state Sen. John Cowdery on conspiracy and bribery charges has been delayed until at least January, after the senator's attorney requested more time to review a "staggering" number of surveillance recordings made by the FBI.

McCain uses Palin to help boost campaign fundraising
CHICAGO - Republican John McCain seized on running mate Sarah Palin's popularity to raise money for the party, telling donors at a fundraiser Monday that he's overwhelmed by the buzz she's generating for his White House bid.

Prosecutors: Stevens didn't report all gifts
WASHINGTON - U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens didn't report getting gifts of a $3,200 stained glass window and a $2,695 massage chair from his friends on Senate records, and described a $1,000 sled dog as a $250 gift, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Report: Palin tapped state travel allowance while living at home
WASHINGTON - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has charged the state a daily allowance, normally used for official travel, for more than 300 nights spent at her home, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - Listening to Barack Obama, it can seem like Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is the main person standing between him and the White House instead of John McCain.

Don't bet on Hillary vs. Sarah smackdown
KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Anyone wanting a Hillary vs. Sarah smackdown might be in for a letdown.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Palin sticks to script on campaign trail
LEBANON, Ohio - John McCain took a risk in picking little-known Gov. Sarah Palin as a running mate, but now the campaign's playing it safer. She's sticking to a greatest hits version of her convention speech on the campaign trail and steering clear of questions until she's comfortable enough for a hand-picked interviewer later this week.

This Day in History
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