Bring Palin home, vote Obama

Posted: Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's been fun and exciting to see Gov. Sarah Palin on the national stage. Having our own local person in the national spotlight is somehow satisfying. However, we cannot let our fun and excitement override our analysis of what is best for America.

Even if our governor can shake things up on that stage, the McCain-Palin ticket cannot bring the dawning of a new approach like the Obama-Biden candidacy.

Being mayor of a small town, where residents might tend to think like the mayor, is not thorough preparation for being vice president of a large nation with divergent interests, cultures, attitudes, philosophies, and politics, and with issues more complex than those of Wasilla.

Being governor of Alaska for 21 months, while seeing some victories for her, isn't either. Much as we may like Palin's direct, folksy style, we must consider the substance of her administrative abilities and political positions.

I've talked with state employees who tell me that our governor has not done much governing or administering. She has played a prominent role dealing with some high-profile issues, but I understand that she has not provided direction for the state's many functions and policies. She needs to return home, and not get crucified on that national stage.

But this election is not primarily about the vice presidential candidates. We must focus our attention on the person at the top of each ticket.

John McCain is trying to ride the "change" platform initiated by Barack Obama. But McCain, claiming to want to bring change to Washington, has been part of that Washington system for many years. He says he is a "maverick." But he has supported George W. Bush 90 percent of the time! If he is elected president, we can look forward to being on the same disastrous path as the last eight years.

Obama brings a fresh outlook, fresh analysis, and fresh approach. Obama is the one who will bring real change to our national government and the perception and success of America in a complex, critical, and sometimes hostile world. His two books - "Dreams from my Father" (autobiographical) and "The Audacity of Hope" (positions on many topics) - are brilliant and inspiring. He has offices in several Alaska cities. He is accessible. He merits our support.

So, let's bring Sarah safely home. Vote for, and support, Barack Obama.

Art Peterson


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