New rescue @ the Juneau Raptor Center: 'Fly Away'

Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010

"Fly Away"

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Courtesy Of Jose Colon
Courtesy Of Jose Colon

Type of bird: American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos).

When discovered: Friday, July 16.

Where discovered: Point Louisa.

What happened: A nature education group of Discovery Southeast students spotted a crow who had gotten stuck in a rock and could not fly. After receiving a call from the group's leader, Juneau Raptor Center volunteers responded and the group watched them run up and down the beach trying to catch the crow. The kids were very interested in the crow and what was going to happen to him, so the two volunteers spent some time talking to the group.

Injuries: None, but the crow was very young.

Care: He was kept in a kennel for a few days to make sure he was OK. The crow was then transferred to a larger enclosure to practice flying.

Release: Before he was released, JRC volunteers invited the Discovery Southeast students back to see the crow, one last time, in the flight mew. The kids named him "Fly Away" because he couldn't fly before and now he could. All left that day, leaving the door open for the crow to self-release. After a few hours, onlookers found the crow had indeed lived up to his name and flown away.

More about the American crow: This bird is commonly found in North American and often called simply a "crow." They are widespread and adaptable birds with distinctive iridescent black feathers covering its body. The feet and bill are also black. Crows produce a wide variety of sounds and sometimes mimic noises made by other animals, including other birds.

• Message phone for the Juneau Raptor Center, 586-8393; emergency pager, 790-5424; or for more information about the JRC, go online to

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