Labor Day PITA trap shoot results

Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010

On what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful late summer day, the Juneau Gun Club reinstated a Labor Day Pacific International Trap Association-sponsored event. Eight members of the Juneau Gun Club elected to participate in this event rather than join others on the last days of the local salmon fishing season or the first days of the fall hunting season.

Courtesy Of The Juneau Gun Club
Courtesy Of The Juneau Gun Club

Jay Davis took "high-gun overall" with a score of 276/300, having tied or won all three of the individual events.

The event results were:

SINGLES (eight entries): "A" Class: Pete Hudson, winner, 96/100; Jay Davis, 96/100 and Mal Menzies, 92/100. "C" Class: Sandy Bicknell*, winner, 88/100; Fred Bergander, 87/100; Mike Thiele, 85/100 and Steve Thorn, 79/100.

HANDICAP (eight entries): Short Yardage, 20-23 yards: Fred Bergander, winner, 88/100; S. Bicknell, 83/100; Steve Thorne, 76/100; Mike Thiele, 75/100 and Mal Menzies, 52/100. Long Yardage, 23.5-27 yards; Winner, Jay Davis, 88/100; Pete Hudson, 74/100.

DOUBLES (five entries): "B" Class: Jay Davis, winner, 92/100; Pete Hudson, 89/100. "C" Class: Mal Menzies, 78/100; Fred Bergander, 76/100 and Sandy Bicknell, 58/100.

* Note: Sandy Bicknell shot all events with a cowboy action, side by side, coach shotgun.

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