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Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010

Sport fish report for the week of Sept. 6:

Juneau: Last week, coho harvest rates for the Juneau area remained good, but a little worse than average, taking seven rod hours to harvest a coho. The prior year and the five-year average were at five rod hours per fish. Hot spots last week were Point Retreat, Couverden and the Backside of Douglas.

Halibut fishing was also worse than average, taking 10 rod hours to harvest a fish. Last year it took seven rod hours and the five-year average was at nine rod hours per halibut. Anglers had luck at a variety of locations, with the hotspots being Couverden, Young's Bay and the backside of Douglas.

Last week, on average it took Juneau area marine boat anglers 164 rod hours to harvest a king. Last year it took 210 rod hours and the five-year average was at 264 rod hours per fish.

Southeast area: The sampled fishing effort last week ranged from 900 rod hours in Sitka to around 1,200 rod hours in Juneau and Ketchikan. The coho salmon and halibut sport fisheries remain good to excellent at most ports, while the king salmon fishery has slowed down.

Harvest rates for king salmon last week ranged from 10 rod hours per fish in Sitka, to 953 rod hours in Ketchikan, and were better than or equal to the five-year average at the ports of Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau. The king salmon fishery on the outer coast will continue to have the benefit of access to a mixed-stock king salmon fishery.

All sampled ports encountered harvested halibut, with harvest rates ranging from seven rod hours per harvested halibut in Sitka, to 10 rod hours per halibut in Juneau.

Coho salmon were encountered by our creel surveys at all ports last week, with harvest rates ranging from two rod hours per harvested coho salmon in Sitka, to seven rod hours in Juneau. The rates were poorer than the five-year average at all sampled ports.

Harvested pink salmon were encountered by our creel survey personnel last week at Ketchikan (34 rod hours per harvested fish) and Sitka (134 rod hours).

Harvested chum salmon were encountered at Sitka (112 rod hours per harvested fish) and Ketchikan (238 rod hours).

Aug. 29 was the last day of the 2010 creel survey season in the ports of Craig, Wrangell, Petersburg, Gustavus, Elfin Cove and Yakutat. Sampling in Skagway ended on Monday, and the creel surveys in Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau will end on Sunday.

• Note: This data is based on information gathered during the week of Aug. 29.

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