Process ignored

Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2002

After listening to the City and Borough Assembly of Monday, I feel deeply disturbed. Not only was the public process ignored, but also the majority opinion expressed by the public in a vote on the Juneau preferred alternative (marine access) was completely disregarded.

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How can I believe in the system and the Assembly if voting is discounted and public process waived? I didn't elect Assembly members to substitute their opinions over considerations of public due process and legally held referendums. The majority's reticence to speak to the amendment may not mean a prior covenant, but it reflects a rushed process and a modicum of thought given to the possible repercussions. Was it too late at night? Or was it too difficult to read the scribbling of the instigator on the envelope of this ill-timed resolution?

The reasoning for this action was done in the name of the flag of "Don't Move the Capital" and this is what is best for the community. I feel that it is especially important during this time of local and national challenges to our existence as a nation and as a capital that we do not lose our focus or the practice of democratic process and the right to express opinions. My opinion evidently is not important to those who voted for the resolution supporting Juneau road access and the voting process doesn't count if it differs from the conclusion of the Assembly members making up the majority.

Chris Kent


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