Thank you

Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2002

...for everyone's help

We're beginning the landscaping at the second Juneau Habitat for Humanity house. I would like to thank Jim Hutchison for taking the day off and installing the drainage so that we could get started. Thanks to Don Abel's for providing the excavator and supplies that Jim used. Jerry Godkin delivered the topsoil.

Thanks need to go to all of the volunteers who moved topsoil around by wheelbarrow and shovel and did all of the raking. To the Juneau Garden Club members: Pat Arehart and her 10-year-old grand daughter Alicia, Sue Conant, Molly Hodges, Myrna Elgee and her husband George, and Anita Barnes and her daughter Gretchen. Thank you to Lynn Mattes and Cher Stone who also helped to build the house. Thank you to Doug and Susan Bousard. Special thanks go to Alfred Votion, the owner of the house, who worked before, during and after and also made a delicious lunch for all of us.

Vivian Meyers

Juneau Garden Club

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