Inappropriate to take away Longevity Bonus

Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2003

When you give someone a reward, it is inappropriate to take it away.

Many "old timers" were proud of the reward given for their pioneer spirit. In the early days of Alaska, there were many hardships to endure.

There was limited electrical service, public water and sewer, telephones, or year-round roads. Most people now take these for granted, but it was the Pioneers who built everything that Alaskans enjoy today.

Gov. Murkowski took away the Longevity Bonus and replaced it with a welfare program.

His veto was a slap in the face of many older Alaskans and a very bad decision. Then Republican leaders in the legislature refused to call a special session to address this issue and kept their positions a secret! What are they trying to hide?

Are they ashamed to tell their parents and grandparents how they voted?

Now Gov. Murkowski has set his eye on the Permanent Fund. Under his POMV plan the funds principal will no longer be protected by our constitution.

It says nothing about inflation proofing or dividends, so we must assume he plans to eliminate them just like the Longevity Bonus program!

These decisions should be made by a vote of the people, because our governor and many in the legislature can no longer be trusted to look out for the interest of ordinary Alaskans.

Agnes G. M. Derkovorkian


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