All ATV riders pay for bad choices of a few

Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My family and I enjoy a sport that, unfortunately, has come under great scrutiny lately. We are ATV enthusiasts and go riding whenever we get the chance. Recently, we have been told that we can no longer ride on the beach at Echo Cove, which we once thought was one of the only legal places to enjoy our sport.

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So as I try to explain to my children why they can no longer enjoy this sport, I have to ask myself the same questions! And I continue to come up with the same answers.

Unfortunately, there are some very irresponsible riders in our community, and it looks bad on the group as a whole, which is very sad to me. We as a family are safe. We always wear our helmets and practice safe riding, and we follow the rules as they are presented to us.

Until recently, we were unaware of the limits that are in place on the land around Echo Cove. But as soon as we were told where we were allowed to ride, we stayed within our limits. Yet there were some people that did not. Because of this, Echo Cove has been closed to all of us.

Now I read that there is significant damage to Montana Creek. Come on people, if you don't wake up and see that the destructive nature of your behavior is going to get another area closed to us, then where will that leave us?

Forget about an ATV park. If we can't manage to prove that we are capable of following rules and respect the people and land around us with the current space that is available to us now, what makes any of us think the city will approve and move forward with the proposed park?

So now is the time to do the right thing and take the proper steps to ensure that we don't lose any more places to ride. We need to follow the rules. I have seen firsthand what happens when privileges are abused. Bad choices lead to consequences, and unfortunately every rider, responsible or not, are paying the consequences for the bad choices a select few are making.

Justin and Kristina Derr


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