Season 31
Community theater is often understood to mean theater that is made possible through community involvement, from local actors and directors to audience members and volunteer ticket takers. But at its best, community theater also refers to one that is oriented to the particular group of people it serves. The theater is fed by the town's energy, and in turn feeds that energy back to the community in the form of plays that speak to that audience.

New DVDS at the Juneau library include 'Man on Wire'
We've added a new batch of non-fiction DVDs to the public library collection. Look for documentaries, nature films, rock concerts, and others like those below.


Streever brings "Cold" to Juneau in reading Wednesday
Alaskans are expected to be experts on cold. The mystique of the state to outsiders is due in no small part to images of sparse white landscapes, glaciers and icebergs, polar bears and igloos, and the brave (crazy) people who call it home.

Jumping on the "Inglorious" bandwagon
I'm beginning to feel a bit like a broken record. Since I saw "Inglourious Basterds" at the Glacier Cinemas, several folks have asked me what I thought. Instead of being a complete wiseass and saying something like, "Thursday's Empire!" I have actually attempted thought-out responses. Inevitably, though, when it comes to this particular Quentin Tarantino effort, I keep coming back to one underlying thought: "Basterds" makes 153 minutes go by really quickly.

Chi Kung lecture Friday, class Saturday
Anthony Spinicchia will offer a free Chi Kung introductory lecture on Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, and a one-day class from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12, at Northern Light United Church.

What Not to Wear invites Juneau women to compete
The popular TLC cable network show "What Not to Wear" has extended an invitation to Juneau audiences for participation in its national search for its "Worst Dressed American" contest. The contest is being held In celebration of the show's 250th episode, and is open to women only.

Autumn Festival to be held next weekend
This year's Autumn Festival will be held Saturday, Sept. 19, from noon-6 p.m. at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center.

Public art workshop held Wednesday
A workshop for visual artists, "Applying for Public Art Projects," will be held this Wednesday, Sept. 16, starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center. This workshop will be led by Andrea Noble, Alaska State Council on the Arts Visual & Literary Arts program director, and will focus on helping artists find and apply for calls for public art.

JDU to begin new class Friday
Juneau Dance Unlimited will begin a new dance class with Antonio Diaz from 6:30 - 8 p.m. every Friday, beginning Sept. 11. The class will be held at the JDU Dance Studio, 8420 Airport Blvd., Ste. 202.

JAHC hosts cheese sculpture contest
The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council will host "Afternoon Cheese," from 4:30-6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 13. This event is an opportunity to honor Juneau's community arts volunteers and present the Mayor's Award for the Arts to winning awardees, along with featuring Juneau's first cheese sculpture contest.

Obama speech much ado about nothing
I watched President Barack Obama's back-to-school speech for American school children, and after your recent front-page article in which he was compared to a Nazi and a cult leader, I half expected him to say something at least mildly controversial.

Where were you when the world stopped turning?
I don't think Sept. 11 will ever be the same for me or my family. It was such a tragic event in our history. I remember watching that morning, which, ironically, had a beautiful shot of the twin towers during the morning Web cast. Suddenly, a plane hit the first tower.

Health care reform will have a profound impact
What is the hysteria about a public option for health care? Think about your grandparents or their parents. Please try to remember the status of the elderly before Medicare was enacted. Many elders lived below the poverty line. Most elders, unless they had union coverage, had no health insurance. Many died of untreated diseases. Medicare was the single best program for our elders. It improved health and economic standards, and made retirement possible for many.

Local medical cost out of control
Inasmuch as the nation is focused on health care reform and controlling medical and pharmaceutical costs, I'd like to share my story. As a 30-year resident of Juneau, my family on numerous occasions has taken advantage of the services offered by Bartlett Regional Hospital, from the ER to radiology and surgery.

Habitat restoration a smart investment
Mary Pemberton's recent article "Southeast tree-thinning project gets stimulus money" misses the forest for the trees. The Ocean Boulevard project represents a new model of forest management on the Tongass National Forest - not the old, wasteful spending of the past as Andy Stahl claims.

Empire printing too much bad news
Our Juneau Empire subscription is up for renewal and I'm thinking about canceling it.

Locals remember, reflect on tragic day
It was at the base of burning rubble spanning 16 acres of Manhattan where Destiny Sargeant's faith in mankind was restored. Amidst smoldering piles of stone and steel, where the bodies of more than 2,600 people laid buried, it was the outpouring of compassion and goodwill she witnessed following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that has stuck with her since.

Juneau schools report first case of swine flu
The Juneau School District on Wednesday had its first confirmed case of swine flu at Floyd Dryden Middle School.

Egan Drive added to highway plan
A $14 million highway project has been added to the state's plans for Juneau, after Department of Transportation and Public Facilities staff discovered several errors in its new draft improvement program.

Hoonah-area doe season closes for third straight year
Consecutive harsh winters continue to decimate the deer population on Chichagof Island, causing the U.S. Forest Service and state Department of Fish and Game to close the doe hunting season this fall.

Photo: Honoring a helping hand
Larry Harris, left, chairman of the board of directors of United Way of Southeast Alaska, and Peter Harris, of Shattuck & Grummett, award Betty Kaplor the United Way of Southeast Alaska 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award during a ceremony Thursday at Centennial Hall. Kaplor is the founder of Helping Hands, a local organization that has been helping feed Juneau's needy families for over 20 years. The group distributes food to about 400 people a week, relying on donations from local grocery stores and individuals to stock its shelves. Visit for more information.

Volunteer task force viewed as a model
The work of a local volunteer group focused on suicide prevention is helping another Southeast community with an issue many people don't want to talk about.

Photo: Autumn reflections
An umbrella-carrying tourist walks past the fall leaves blown down by Thursday's high winds and rain.

Minor injuries in 3-car accident on Egan
The Juneau Police Department briefly shut down the outbound lanes of Egan Drive near Juneau-Douglas High School due to a three-car accident that occurred around 4 p.m. Wednesday. By about 4:20 p.m., one outbound lane was reopened. The accident involved three pick-up trucks, at least one of which had deployed its airbag. Police reported minorinjuries.

Around Town
Today, Sept. 11

Photo: Rainy day hat
Rogelio Shapland-Murray, 10, gets extra duty out of his homework folder as he walks home in the rain Wednesday. Rogelio is a fifth grader at Harborview Elementary School.

Photo: Quiet reflection
Ron Hohman, a bus driver and guide for Princess Cruises, waits for passengers Wednesday at Marine Park. The Holland America cruise ship Veendam is reflected in the windshield.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town
Today, Sept. 10

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Margaret Mary Adams
Longtime Juneau resident Margaret Mary Adams died Sept. 4, 2009, in her home with her husband by her side. She was 77.

Sandra Jean MacLean Jaenicke
Juneau resident Sandra Jean MacLean Jaenicke died Sept. 8, 2009 in Juneau. She was 73 years old.

William Francis "Billy" Brady
Former Juneau resident William Francis "Billy" Brady died Aug. 18, 2009, at his home in Lake Forest Park, Wash.

Sandra Jean MacLean Jaenicke
Juneau resident Sandra Jean MacLean Jaenicke died Sept. 8, 2009, in Juneau. She was 73.

Taking on gas tax
The following editorial first appeared in the Ketchikan Daily News:

My turn: Together communities can prevent suicide
This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, held each year to raise awareness that suicide is preventable. For the past 35 years, this week has been observed to remember those lost to suicide, to support survivors of suicide and to reinforce the message that suicide can be prevented.

To be victorious in Afghanistan
Within weeks, the top American and NATO commander in Afghanistan, Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, is expected ask President Barack Obama for a new infusion of troops. That already has his White House divided: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leans toward deploying more U.S. warriors; Vice President Joseph Biden leans against.

A chronic problem
The following editorial first appeared in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:

A conspiracy culture, here?
The way the debate over health care has played out in this country makes me wonder if the United States is coming to resemble the Middle East.

All you need is love (and $250 + shipping)
I was born in 1970, the year the Beatles broke up, so I missed out on the giddy anticipation that rock fans must have experienced leading up to the release of a new Beatles album. But it's fun to imagine the thrill that might have accompanied the purchase of, say, "Abbey Road" on Oct. 1, 1969, the day it hit stores in the United States. You would have admired the record's soon-to-be-iconic cover photograph, scratched away its plastic shrink-wrap and gently laid the vinyl disc on a turntable. A few friends would've been summoned for the occasion, and you'd be hearing "Come Together" - its eerie bass riff and drum roll waves, followed by John Lennon's spectrally cool vocals - for the first time.

Health care reform begins at home
During a recent visit to my cardiologist, I was asked, "Do you eat red meat?" An occasional burger, I lied. But a high cholesterol count had already tipped my hand. The doctor prescribed medication and recommended that I switch from burgers to broiled chicken and fish.

Pure granite
Brandon Howard approaches each boulder he encounters like a chess player pondering his next move. The solution may not be an obvious one and the moves it takes to conquer it not readily apparent, but that's what keeps him coming back - again and again. Because for this avid local climber it's all about the challenge, the surprises and the purity of the sport. Even if it is only a big hunk of granite.

Waterfowl season opens Sept. 16
JUNEAU - Fall is in the air, which means migratory birds will be making their way again to Southeast Alaska. This year's regulations, published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, state that the 2009-2010 hunting season begins Wednesday, Sept. 16, for waterfowl and runs through Dec. 31.

Ungulate season opens for moose, deer
JUNEAU - The 2009 hunting season opens for a variety of ungulates, or hoofed mammals, this September.

Black bears looking to fatten for winter
JUNEAU - Local officials are reminding residents to be vigilant about locking up garbage and cleaning up fish scraps and other such tempting items for bears.

An outdoor playground that's hard to ignore
It's hard to live in Juneau and not be aware of the outdoors. Here we're surrounded by Mother Nature in ways that rival even the most pristine and remote locations.

Fog lifts for great rewards on Cairn Peak
"Just step up, place your hand here, now another step, you've got it." I was talking out loud to myself, a sure sign I was a little nervous. It's not that the rock cliff I was scrambling up was difficult, it's just that if I made a mistake I could slide several hundred feet down a steep rock slope to the valley below me. When I was younger I had easily negotiated the same section several times with an expedition pack, sled and skis strapped to my back after a long Juneau icefield traverse. On day hikes I would rush through sections like this without a care in the world. But now I was older, and I had a different perspective on risk. I also figured I had probably long ago used up my nine lives surviving various scares in the mountains.

Fall rains bring mysteries, surprises at Mendenhall
The fall rains had come with a vengeance. The foliage was dripping, the creeks were running high, and Mendenhall Lake had risen so far that it drowned the beginning of the new trail out to Nugget Falls. By sidling along the very edge of the flood, pushing aside the overhanging brush, I just barely made it to the raised part of the trail with dry feet in my rubber boots.

Discovering Eaglecrest all over again
Eaglecrest is inviting the community to a day on the mountain Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Organizers are calling it "Discover Eaglecrest" and promise a day of exploration and adventure on Juneau's local ski hill.

2009 Klondike Road Relay begins today in Skagway
SKAGWAY - Following the trail of the Gold Rush stampeders over the famous White Pass, through British Columbia, into the Yukon and finishing in Whitehorse, more than 100 teams are set to compete in the 27th Klondike Trail of '98 International Road Relay today in Skagway.

Out & About
Today, Sept. 11

Fishing report
Silver salmon are in local waters with a fury.

Juneau tides


First-time homebuyer rates at new lows
ANCHORAGE - Last May, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation announced that by using proceeds from a variety of bond programs, they had lowered interest rates for purchases by first-time homebuyers and veterans.

New quarters feature parks; Denali in 2012
HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas will be the first site featured in a line of "America the Beautiful" quarters starting next year that will feature a national park from each state and U.S. territory.

Police ID 2 Eagle River victims
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage police have identified two women who died this week in an apparent murder-suicide in Eagle River.

Ketchikan man charged with assault
KETCHIKAN - Assault, burglary and other charges have been filed against a 23-year-old Ketchikan man accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend.

Coast Guard: Alaskans in boats more cautious
BIG LAKE - The U.S. Coast Guard said Alaskans are playing more safely on the water.

Coast Guard copter rescues man on Unalaska Island
DUTCH HARBOR - The Coast Guard says one of its helicopters fought 45 mph winds to rescue an injured man from a cliff on Unalaska Island, 22 miles southwest of Dutch Harbor.

Anchorage woman loses arrest appeal
ANCHORAGE - A federal appeals court has upheld the ruling against an Anchorage woman who sued police for false arrest.

Kotzebue mine to pay $120,000 penalty to EPA
KOTZEBUE - The federal government has assessed a $120,000 penalty against Teck Alaska Inc., the owner and operator of Kotzebue's Red Dog lead and zinc mine.

Man sentenced for shooting hunter
NEWPORT CITY, Vt. - A Newport Center man will serve more than two months in prison for shooting and wounding a fellow hunter.

3 Fort Rich-based soldiers killed in Iraq
FORT RICHARDSON - Military officials say three soldiers based at Fort Richardson, including two from Ohio and one from Nevada, were killed in Iraq when their vehicle was hit by an explosive device.

North Pole reduces Wendy's $9,000 June water bill
NORTH POLE - The Wendy's restaurant in North Pole got an early Christmas gift.

California man dies of heart attack in Denali National Park
DENALI NATIONAL PARK - A 48-year-old California man has died of an apparent heart attack during a ranger-led hike in Denali National Park.

Two dead in Eagle River murder, suicide
EAGLE RIVER - Anchorage police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Eagle River.

Anchorage contractor to pay asbestos fine
ANCHORAGE - An Anchorage contractor has agreed to pay a $5,100 fine and complete a community service project to settle and EPA complaint that it violated federal asbestos rules.

Man dies in truck fire on Parks Highway
HEALY - Alaska state troopers responding to an accident on the Parks Highway near Healy found a truck on fire and the driver dead inside.

Chugach State Park plans new trails
ANCHORAGE - Hearings are scheduled this month in Eagle River, Anchorage and Girdwood on a new management plan for Chugach State Park trails.

Three accused in Fairbanks drug deal
FAIRBANKS - Police arrested three people accused of playing a part in a drug deal, including one man who followed an undercover agent to the Fairbanks police station after the investigator refused to share what he bought.

Palin blasts health care reform in editorial
ANCHORAGE - Former Gov. Sarah Palin is again blasting the Democrats health care proposal, this time in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal.

Man killed in Thorne Bay industrial accident
THORNE BAY - A Washington state man was killed in an industrial accident at Thorne Bay.

Alaska lawmakers thank Hawaii senator for his support
ANCHORAGE - Alaska lawmakers have honored a senator from Hawaii for his support of their state.

Texas man pleads guilty, avoids prison
FAIRBANKS - A 33-year-old man arrested following the discovery of a marijuana growing operation near Manley has accepted a plea deal that keeps him out of prison.

Bears looking for big payback on the road, Falcons hosting Hoopa
After the 25-0 pounding Juneau-Douglas took at the hands of Railbelt Conference rival North Pole last year in Juneau, the Crimson Bears are looking for a little payback.

Bears tennis ties East before falling to West
The Juneau-Douglas tennis team traveled to Anchorage over the weekend, ending up in a tie with East Anchorage on Friday before dropping a double-header to West Anchorage on Saturday.

Wrangell Invitational Results
Note: The fax with final results from last weekend's Wrangell Invitational was missing a page, so boys' runners who finished 54th through 89th were ommited from Wednesday's cross country results.

Sports in Juneau

Local Volleyball
Team (W, L)

H.S. Sports Brief
West Valley edged Juneau-Douglas 3-2 (25-18, 8-25, 26-24, 15-25, 15-11) on Thursday in the Crimson Bears' season opening volleyball match. Full statistics are not yet available.

Sports in Juneau

Halcro says he will challenge Rep. Don Young in 2010 race
ANCHORAGE - Andrew Halcro, a former state lawmaker, blogger and talk show host announced Thursday he will challenge U.S. Rep. Don Young in the 2010 Republican primary.

Walrus congregate as ice melts
ANCHORAGE - Thousands of walruses are congregating on Alaska's northwest coast, a sign that their Arctic sea ice environment has been altered by climate change.

Fairbanks swine flu victim likely had secondary infection
ANCHORAGE - A 10-year-old Fairbanks boy who died after contracting swine flu likely was overwhelmed by a secondary bacterial infection, the state epidemiologist said Wednesday.

Obama faces tough decisions in fighting terrorists
WASHINGTON - On Sept. 11, 2001, Barack Obama was driving to a state legislative hearing in Chicago when he heard the first sketchy reports of a plane hitting the World Trade Center on his car radio. The 40-year-old state senator spent the afternoon in his law office watching "nightmare images" of destruction and grief unfold on TV.

US Coast Guard to harness tide for power
PORTLAND, Maine - The Coast Guard signed off Thursday on its first tidal power project with plans for a small underwater turbine to augment electricity generated at its station in the nation's northeastern corner, which is home to some of largest tidal variations in North America.

Exxon moves forward on Point Thomson project
ANCHORAGE - ExxonMobil Production Company announced Wednesday that it has completed drilling and casing the surface section on the second well at Point Thomson.

Board denies appeal of Palin ethics complaint
ANCHORAGE - The state personnel board has rejected the appeals filed by a woman whose ethics complaints against former Gov. Sarah Palin have been dismissed.

Entrepreneur tries out portable power prototype
FAIRBANKS - Bernie Karl is looking to redefine how electricity is delivered.

Federal judge faults removal of wolf from endangered list
BILLINGS, Mont. - Hunters can keep stalking gray wolves for now in the Northern Rockies, but the killing may be short-lived after a federal judge found problems with the recent removal of the animal from the endangered species list.

State railroad seeks help in weed war
ANCHORAGE - Public outcry has helped keep herbicide off the tracks of Alaska's state-owned railroad for more than a quarter of a century. A persistent weed problem and threats from federal regulators to slow or halt trains has Alaska Railroad officials applying again for help with its weed war.

Pres. Harding's train car goes under wraps
FAIRBANKS - The train car that carried President Warren G. Harding during his 1923 visit to Alaska has been put under wraps.

Prosecutor recommends prison for former state Rep. Masek
ANCHORAGE - A prosecutor has asked a federal judge to sentence a former Alaska lawmaker convicted of corruption charges to 18 to 24 months in prison followed by three years probation.

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