Letter: Time for bear laws

Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Imagine someone offers you a very attractive salary to do half the work you do now. Youd go for it, right? Its the same with bears. It is crucial that they eat a huge amount before winter. If they are offered a choice between hunting and foraging on their own, or getting it easily in the garbage cans and dog food dishes of your neighborhood, or the Dumpsters at the businesses you patronize, which do you think they'll choose?

Bears are not stupid. Unfortunately they don't intellectualize like we do. They don't see that we are not the good neighbors to them that they are to us. Think about it, bears don't come into town unless we lure them in with our overabundance. It's not their fault.

It's time for laws, real ones, that punish offenders. By offenders I mean anyone, business or individual, that improperly stores their trash and pet food. The police shouldn't have to shoot bears. One more thing, in case you haven't already heard it a million times. A fed bear is a dead bear, even if they tranquilize it and take it away where you can't see it die. Relocated bears rarely survive. Come on folks, have a heart.

Jane Roodenburg

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