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Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2000

I'm upset about Jan Clark's comment that the ABC sting was "bogus." Obviously underage kids know when they can purchase alcohol without being carded. I'm happy that they are being checked. I think she needs to hire more clerks if she only has one clerk on at the busiest time of night.

The promotion and dispensing of birth control methods to teenagers without parental consent or any other significant restraint sends a message that teenagers need not be responsible for their choices. Our children need to know that any action or decision bears a consequence.

I was present at the first meeting about a teen center at the high school. Concerned Juneauites and parents were assured that the proposed clinic had no intentions of ever dispensing contraceptives. When a speaker detected a few chuckles in the audience, she asked: "Don't you trust us?"

I'm going to vote against the funding for the ice rink in Douglas and not because I don't think an ice rink would be nice - it would be great - but I live on Fifth street in Douglas and I don't have enough water pressure. The money should go to providing adequate water pressure to the upper streets.

The couple who walked off the ferry and killed an innocent man in the valley was caught by the police and is in jail for life. That's the difference between Juneau and Anchorage - no road.

How can we fund a road out of Juneau when they can't even fund math books for the high school?

How come the road and fast ferries are the only choices? Seems like there should be other alternatives, for example a railroad.

I am a student at JDHS. I feel that people take advantage of being American. People in other countries would love to say the Pledge of Allegiance. However, people still have their rights and no one in our school should be forced to stand up if they feel differently.

Alex Wilson says it's immoral to take mythology and superstition as fact. I agree. That's why I'm a Christian. People who check out the historical, archaeological and textual evidence and they'd find a very strong case for the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.

Why is Mr. Bader making such a big PR campaign about low enrollment this year? Low enrollment is typical in the schools this time of year. Perhaps it's because he is in negotiation with his employees.

Egan Drive is user-friendly at 45 mph with double fines. Could we make it permanent to save lives, repairs, insurance costs and gas?

Before Egan Highway was blacktopped again this year, you could run of the asphalt edge and you'd be on level ground. Now if you run off the asphalt, you'll be pulled into the ditch as the asphalt is elevated. If you run into the ditch, who's liable, the city or the construction company that the city hired?

I'd like to thank the police officers who have responded to the bear calls. Be thankful to them that nothing happened to a child or a tourist or a person.

Your Sunday cartoonist, TOE, never ceases to crack me up. His cartoons are hilarious.

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