Fears and insecurities
In the thick of things, forgive me if I say anything irrational or anything that offends you. My name is Ishmael Hope. I am a Tlingit and Inupiaq man. Today something terrible happened.

A plea for fairness
In the aftermath of the unbelievable tragedies yesterday, we feel an immense need to do something. From listening to the "man on the street" interviews on TV and radio, these needs run the gamut of wanting to bomb someone to giving blood to help victims.

Heartfelt from first-graders
I am a first grade teacher at Mendenhall River Community School. I came to school numb and was not sure what I would say to a group of 6-year-olds who had seen the news but did not understand the implications of what they had seen.

Local Briefs
Elderly cruise ship tourist still missing; School Board OKs teachers' contract

Juneau woman witness to attacks
I watched the North tower of the World Trade Center crumble. It looked like tinsel falling to the ground, silvery specks filtering down through a cloud of brown smoke. On the radio in a nearby car, the reporter covering the scene was screaming incoherently, almost crying.

Local memorials
The Cathedral of the Nativity and Northern Light United Church are both holding noon-time services today in response to the terrorist attacks in New York and DC.

Shock, worry, hatred and prayer: Juneau reacts to attacks
Mostapha Beya, 29, recently immigrated to the United States from Morocco. He moved to Juneau 25 days ago after staying briefly in New York and Washington, D.C. This morning's attacks were a grim reminder of the kind of religious conflicts he lived with in northwest Africa.

Juneau prays for victims - and peace
As weight of Tuesday's tragedy played out hour by hour, many Juneau residents turned to faith and prayer.

Local worship services scheduled in wake of attacks
A list of Juneau churches with special services scheduled today.

Around Town

Smoke and chalk drawings: New York City starts picking up the pieces
There's still smoke rising over the city. From the New York University campus, it looks like the cloud has reached all the way to the lower Manhattan streets where I stood Tuesday and watched the towers burn.

Federal Building reopens, dock security tightened
Things are returning to normal in Juneau after a terrorist attack on the East Coast prompted some emergency closures Tuesday. But nothing is the same.

Terrorist fears ground planes, close Juneau's Federal Building
Planes stayed on the ground, the Federal Building closed to the public and law enforcement agencies were on alert today in the wake of terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

Counselors prepared at local schools
Juneau's schools are open today, with counselors and psychologists prepared to talk to students upset about the terrorist attacks in the United States. But attendance is down, and absences will be excused, officials said.

Air service ban strands travelers and fish
Stuck on a mountaintop and running out of supplies, at least four people are still waiting for their flight to arrive.

Juneau residents worry about friends, relatives on East Coast
Juneau resident Paul Helmar is dealing with the loss of three relatives killed in Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Late-summer bloomers brighten the landscape
The great mystery of why things are as they are instead of some other way is always with us. We wonder at the sequence of flowering times: Why are there still shrubs and perennials opening blooms as the season heads towards dormancy?

Neighbors Briefs
Rie Munoz donates print; Salmon Bake-Off winners; MCMA to hold meeting; Association to meet; Volunteers meeting

On behalf of our cross-country team, coaches and parents who recently traveled to Alaska, we want to give a big thanks to your coach, Guy Thibodeau, your athletic director, Sandi Wagner, and your cross-country team and entire community for their hospitality while we were in Juneau. Our Alaska experience was very rewarding, and the two days we spent with you in Juneau were really great!

Senior Menu
The following meals will be served next week. These meals and Care-a-Van transportation are available to all senior citizens (age 60 and over).

Certification classes slated for musical healing
Singing and playing music to create a beneficial, healing environment is the purpose of Music for Healing and Transitions Program, which will offer classes in Juneau beginning in October. Registration deadline is Sept. 19.

Feature Photo: Bravo, on with the show
Singing, dancing students performed at the Juneau-Douglas High School auditorium Sunday night following two days of intensive workshops provided by Bravo, an arts-oriented cable TV channel, and GCI, Juneau's cable TV company.

Pet Of The Week
Scooter is a tuxedo (black/white), neutered and declawed male who has been waiting for that special family for a long time who will share their laps with him.

To what end?
The world changed yesterday. As America and the world try to grasp the magnitude of what happened yesterday morning, we all share in the horror, sense of loss and anger. Terrorists rely upon randomness and surprise to demoralize and humiliate.

Awash in a cold shower of reality
You want answers, comfort and encouragement. So do I. But today I'm awash in a cold shower of reality.

Word Of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

Alaska high school football standings
Through games of Sept. 8

Alaska state football polls
Here are the Anchorage Daily News/Alaska State Coaches Football Polls, as voted on by high school coaches and compiled by the Anchorage Daily News.

Sports In Juneau
Friday, Sept. 14

Alaskans respond to attacks with increased security, donations
As the shock of East Coast terrorism sunk in Tuesday, Alaskans responded with increased security measures and accommodations for people whose lives had been affected by the blast.

7:50 am: World Trade Center collapses in terrorist attack; D.C. hit by coordinated attacks
In a horrific sequence of destruction, terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center and the twin 110-story towers collapsed Tuesday morning. Explosions also rocked the Pentagon and the State Department and spread fear across the nation. The fate of those in the skyscrapers was not immediately known. Authorities had been trying to evacuate the 50,000 people who work in the twin towers, but many were thought to be trapped.

Alaska military bases placed on high alert following terrorist attacks
Military bases in Alaska were placed on high alert Tuesday and the FBI was coordinating with other federal agencies following a series of terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Precautions taken in various U.S. states in the wake of the terrorist attacks
VIRGINIA: Navy installations throughout Hampton Roads, home of the worlds largest Navy base, placed under an increased security condition called Threatcon Charlie. Threatcon Charlie is implemented when an incident occurs or when intelligence is received that some form of terrorist action is imminent.

Apparent terrorist attack rocks Washington
A plane crashed on the helicopter landing pad adjacent to the Pentagon this morning less than an hour after two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack.

Seatac, other Washington state airports secure
Airports, military bases and public buildings throughout Washington state boosted security Tuesday after the worst terrorism attacks in the nation's history devastated New York City's World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Juneau airport closed for day; local federal offices implement emergency policies
No flights are traveling to or from the Juneau Airport today.

Day of terror in N.Y., Washington
Two aircraft slammed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center on Tuesday, causing one to collapse, while another aircraft hit part of the Pentagon. The Pentagon, the West Wing of the White House and the Capitol building were being evacuated. In addition, the FAA grounded all civilian aircraft nationwide. President Bush called the tragedies "an apparent terrorist attack on our country."

757 Goes Down In Somerset County
A Boeing 757 passenger jet reportedly crashed in Somerset County, Pa., Tuesday morning. Officials at Somerset County Airport confirm the crash of a plane just north of the airport about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Arafat horrified by terror attack; Palestinians celebrate in streets
Thousands of Palestinians celebrated Tuesday's terror attacks in the United States, chanting "God is Great" and distributing candy to passers-by, even as their leader, Yasser Arafat, said he was horrified.

No threats made toward state, but federal security tight
Military bases in Alaska were placed on high alert today and the FBI was coordinating with other federal agencies following a series of terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Federal officials trying to accomodate Bush Alaska's aviation needs
The Federal Aviation Administration is trying to make provisions for some flights into Alaska's Bush country despite a national ban on civilian air travel, an official said.

Oil pipeline goes on alert
The company that operates the trans-Alaska oil pipeline said security was heightened today in the wake of coordinated terrorist attacks on the East Coast, but was tight-lipped about how it was protecting the 800-mile line.

World Reacts With Revulsion to U.S. Attacks
World leaders reacted with revulsion Tuesday to the aircraft attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington.

World Trade Center collapses in terrorist attack; D.C. hit by coordinated attacks
In a horrific sequence of destruction, terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center and the twin 110-story towers collapsed Tuesday morning. Explosions also rocked the Pentagon and the State Department and spread fear across the nation.

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