Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2001

On behalf of our cross-country team, coaches and parents who recently traveled to Alaska, we want to give a big thanks to your coach, Guy Thibodeau, your athletic director, Sandi Wagner, and your cross-country team and entire community for their hospitality while we were in Juneau. Our Alaska experience was very rewarding, and the two days we spent with you in Juneau were really great!

Traveling up the Inside Passage to Juneau for three days was an adventure in itself and one the 45 of us will never forget. Alaska is so beautiful and the people very friendly and helpful. Juneau was no exception. Our home stays were a neat experience, participating in the cross-country meet followed by the potluck was fun (your teams are awesome!), and the sightseeing we had the opportunity to do was totally incredible.

We also felt the folks connected with the ferry system were accommodating and helpful, and the Princess bus shuttle was greatly appreciated, too.

We are hoping that perhaps your cross-country team will visit us sometime. Any group you would send would be welcome.

Again, thank you so much for taking us into your homes, showing us your community, and helping make it such a great experience for us.

Donna Messenger

Head Cross-country Coach

Lake City High School

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I really would like to thank the Juneau Arts and Humanities council for sponsoring the artist's workshop with Feng Jai Liang. I learned more new ways in which to look and paint in the two days than I have in some other workshops which were longer and more expensive!

Since the art in his show at the council's gallery was so minimal, I feel many artists didn't think this would be a productive class. Goes to show how you can be fooled by "what I'm painting now"! He brought exquisitely painted pieces, done in an almost magic realism manner, and taught how to get these wonderful effects.

I hope this is not the last workshop you will sponsor. Juneau needs all the "outside" influence it can get - of this kind!

Ellen Northrup


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