A plea for fairness

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2001

In the aftermath of the unbelievable tragedies yesterday, we feel an immense need to do something. From listening to the "man on the street" interviews on TV and radio, these needs run the gamut of wanting to bomb someone to giving blood to help victims.

One thing that I think we should keep in mind is that there are many more innocent people out there than guilty ones. Certainly I hope that the guilty ones can be identified and punished, but I also know that job is beyond me. There is nothing I can do personally today to help the officials. So I want to concentrate on doing the right thing for the innocent ones. I want to steel myself against a reaction to blame a whole race, ethnic group or religion. I want to plead for others to also do this. Existing prejudices and racism in America are problems. The incidents of today have the potential of making them worse.

I plead for fairness and against wrong reactions.

Richard Stokes


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