Road has nothing to do with moving the capital

Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2002

Those who are convinced the capital-move efforts would be put to rest if only Juneau had a road might ask themselves why no one has ever suggested moving the capital to Haines. Haines, after all, has a road and would be the cheapest possible place to move the capital. The Haines' economy is depressed, land is plentiful, and the state could move the capital the short distance using its own resources, the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway System.

What makes anyone think that Juneau with a road would be any more satisfactory to capital movers than Haines? The reason no one has suggested moving the capital to Haines is because a road has nothing to do with the capital move. The capital move is about the greed of developers and land speculators. On second thought, that's what the road to Juneau is about, too. There is a connection between the capital move and a road but it's not the one that the road boosters would have us believe. It's amazing how some people can turn a threat into an opportunity to get what they really want.

Judy Crondahl


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