Five did the right thing

Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2002

Thank you to the five courageous Assembly members who voted to put Juneau in favor of the EIS for improved access.

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The five members who deserve our support for their leadership and fulfillment of their elected duties are Deputy Mayor Ken Koelsch, Randy Wanamaker, Dale Anderson, Jeanie Johnson and Don Etheridge.

The very ones who are complaining and moaning about public process are the ones who do not want Juneau to have any economic growth. For some reason they are supporting the opposite of growth, which is death. I cannot support the death of the community I've invested so much of my life and energy.

I encourage everyone to note those four who voted against - Mayor Sally Smith, Marc Wheeler, Frankie Pillifant, and Jim Powell. I also encourage everyone to note that Marc Wheeler and Frankie Pillifant are running for re-election.

It is also interesting to note that both candidates for governor have come out in support of completing the EIS.

Thanks again to the Juneau Assembly for doing the right thing.

Jim Preston

Auke Bay

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