Smoky haze

Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2002

Yesterday, 11 September, was notably a day of special remembrance and reflection. Unfortunately, most citizens living, working, and visiting in the downtown area will also remember this particular 11 September as one with a morning filled with an unsettling and unsightly smoky haze.

The Docks & Harbors Department had begun a "boat-burn" of two derelict vessels located near the Little Rock Dump early yesterday morning. The resulting smoke from that fire did not dissipate as expected, but permeated the downtown area instead, until the boat-burn could be stopped later in the morning.

No excuses. The boat-burn was ill-advised and certainly inappropriate to the day's occasion. I take full responsibility for the Docks & Harbors Department's actions in this regard. I extend my genuine regret and sincere apology to the citizens, businesses, and visitors to downtown Juneau for this unwise incident.

Joe Graham

Port Director

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