The joys of garage sale traffic

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, September 12, 2005

Imagine this scenario: It's another beautiful Saturday morning in Juneau, and you are very carefully pulling out of your driveway so you don't hit another car or, worse yet, some poor soul in a hurry to get to the garage sale across the street.

Then you make it out to the Loop Road only to have to wait while the cars blocking the intersection move, but not until they're done reading where the next garage sales are.

Better yet, you finally get onto the Loop Road only to get behind a car going 15 mph in a 40-mph zone. You look in your rear-view mirror at the line forming behind you, the car in front of you puts on its left turn signal, goes about half a mile, slams on its brakes and turns right.

Yet another scenario, and my favorite, is the driver who is doing the speed limit then stops in the middle of the road to read more garage sale signs, then kindly waves the one fingered wave, because you have almost pushed their trunk up into the front seat. Please tap your helmet! Plan your garage sale route ahead of time or at least pull off to the side of the road without blocking traffic and pay attention.

One more thing: Wave with all your fingers; you will have a better day.

Susan Bowman


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