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Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am responding to Sue E. Miller's statements in her Sept. 1 My Turn, regarding the weekly Hooligan section. Miller states that the Hooligan is targeting the lowest common denominator. As far as I'm concerned, the ideas she expressed are of the lowest common denominator. There is nothing more important in this country than freedom of speech and ideas. Miller would have us live in a happy la-la land, where the only proper thing to talk about might be the weather and what we are going to have for lunch. God forbid we discuss anything that's the least bit controversial.

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I read every word of the so-called offensive articles and found nothing but humor and education within. It did not offend me or those around me. And no, my 11-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son are not out there breaking into newspaper stands in an attempt to read this insert. I have a hard enough time getting them to read their school textbooks.

I am not ashamed of what I find in the Juneau Empire and recently sent a personal e-mail to the editor commending her for being brave enough to print material that others may not approve of. Miller does not have the right to determine what I or others can read, think or consider offensive. She has the right not to read the Hooligan insert or place it in her home, and that is exactly what I suggest she do, rather than impose her narrow-minded viewpoint and values on everyone else.

And as far as advertisers go, I applaud those who do advertise in the insert, and I will boycott any advertisers that have contacted the Empire demanding that it change or eliminate Hooligan. Advertisers are in the business of selling products, not dictating morality.

I would also applaud Collette Costa for her comments on Sept. 1. She was right on the mark with her comments.

Christopher J. Morgan


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