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Posted: Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rhubarb sorbet, impromptu poetry, devil's club tea, bubbling sourdough starter and a fish fillet demonstration were some of the many fun things happening at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center Aug. 28. It was a lively celebration of local food at the Local Food Festival and Farmers Market, with many vendors and many more patrons.

The event was the third annual, organized by the hard work of a handful of dedicated individuals, and supported by a partnership of local organizations. Thanks to the CBJ's Commission on Sustainability, the Juneau Economic Development Council, the UAF Cooperative Extension Service, the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, and the Alaska Division of Agriculture for collaborating to make a successful event. This year, with extra funding from the Alaska Division of Agriculture, we were able to offer a weekly market. At the request of the farmers, we are extending the Juneau Artists Market and Farmers Market through Saturday, Sept. 18.

The annual event features presentations by local experts on various do-it-yourself food-related topics. A big thank you to the following individuals for sharing their skills: Joe Orsi, Bill Wright, M'Iva Rickey, Ed Buyarski, Janet Lassiter and Joy Lyon. Many thanks as well to Taku River Reds and DIPAC for donating salmon that were used for the Fillet Demonstrations, and to the enthusiastic knife works of Kirk Hardcastle and Trevor Fritz.

Market volunteers maintain our website, run radio and newspaper promotion, recruit vendors and presenters, arrange DEC permit information and staff the events. Thanks to Catherine Fritz, Darren Snyder, Elizabeth Dubovsky, Janet Lassiter, Jennifer Nu, Mary Leslie, Nancy DeCherney, Patricial Hull, Sarah Lewis, Anastasia Lynch, Larry West, Jessalynn Rintala, Patty George, Karen Crane, Lynne Ciolli, Kari Groven, Franny Field, Susan Sloss, Laura Heywood, Leonard Johnson, Nicole Grewe, Nathan Arentsen and Bob Doll.

In the end, this is a very fun community event with a good purpose. It wouldn't be possible without the many Juneauites who turn out to the event. You can always be part of the farmer's market team. Help by organizing, or start your own garden plot or local food project. Contact us at sustainablejuneau@gmail.com or online at www.sustainablejuneau.blogspot.com for more information.

See you Saturday at the market!

Eva Bornstein and Alida Bus

2010 Food Festival and Weekly

Market Coordinators

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