Riverbend class seeks project funding

Posted: Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sonic and www.DonorsChoose.org have a partnership called Limeades For Learning. With some community help, Ms. Lium's 2nd grade class at Riverbend Elementary can get the funding needed to complete a proposed project.

ESL, special education, high achieving and regular education students make up Lium's class. Her students are multi-sensory and gravitate towards hands-on learning. She tries to make science as interesting as possible, and her goal with this project is to bring force and motion to an exciting new arena for them.

"My students need magnet materials, a force and motion activity tub, marble movement engineering activities, and a digital microscope to learn about force and motion," Lium writes. "It's really amazing how forces work in the world. The ability to have my class realize just how often push and pull is happening, with actual hands-on learning, would be so beneficial. Science is an area where all of my students can feel as if they are on equal footing with their peers. Exciting and equality all at once? Now that's learning!"

Your part is simple. Just visit www.limeadesforlearning.com to vote for the project. You can click on the keyword tab and type in "Lium" to find the project and vote. If you'd like to see Ms. Lium's project funded, vote. Votes will be accepted daily until Sept. 30.

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