Word of Mouth

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Let's do away with the tourists. All the helicopter companies will go out of business, but they make noise anyway. So will Wings and Ward Air, but they make noise, too. Then there's Taku Lodge and 80 percent of the hotels, but I don't work there. And the charter boats, but I don't have one. Several stores, too, but I don't work at any of them. All the tour buses and half the cabs will be gone but they just clog the roads. Seventy percent of downtown stores, but who needs them. Then my house will go down half in value and my property tax will double. Yeah, let's just get rid of all the tourists.

Does anybody really think the city is going to do something that protects people from the destruction caused by tour operators that pollute our city's streets? Will the city slap the hands that feeds them the sales tax money they want not from us, from tourists?

State law mandates confidential reproductive health care services for minors. How more responsible can an already sexually active teen be than to seek to practice safer sex and prevent pregnancy?

To the caller concerned about the edges of the black-topped highway, the person to be held liable is you. You have nobody to blame but yourself if you run into a ditch.

Why did the city give up rapid-response dive rescue capability? The city's rescue response and fees are not mutually exclusive. Both capabilities should be enhanced and work together to enhance public safety.

People keep talking about how a road is going to bring murderers into our town. Don't forget there was an unsolved murder earlier this year and that there is a brutal murderer still walking around this town. There's no road and murders still happen.

Regarding murderers in Juneau, It's much easier for a criminal to hop a boat or plane in or out of Juneau than for them to get through Customs if traveling by road.

To the individual who was pleased two criminals were caught after they killed somebody here in Juneau. I think the operative phrase is "walked off the ferry." What's the difference between that and getting out of the car on a road?

People are leaving their garbage out and bears are getting into it but the people are not getting citations. It is time to have zero tolerance for people who leave their garbage out before 7 a.m.

The website Juneaphotos.com shows a gorgeous bear with whip cream all over his face standing next to trash and the next one shows the bear perished after people don't contain their garbage in a safe manner.

We seem to all agree that it's the garbage can violators, not the bears, that are the problem. I suggest we enact a new ordinance and shoot a couple of the violators. That sounds kind of drastic but it probably would not take more than one or two.

The Pledge of Allegiance does not reflect the religious and cultural diversity of our great country. Not everyone who died for our freedom believed in God.

Hey, EPA, the residents of Thane are only four miles from a sewer treatment plant and the city won't let us have sewer out here. Where is the discharge going from some of these homes in Thane.

Good luck to the Winters family. Please take Word of Mouth with you when you leave.

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