SE duck bag limits clarified for 2001

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

Overall, duck bag limits for Southeast are seven per day, 21 in possession. However, these totals may include no more than one canvasback daily, three in possession.

In order to clarify duck limits for residents and nonresidents, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has made several changes in waterfowl regulations. These are the main changes applicable to Southeast Alaska hunters:

* Most duck species biologically classified as sea ducks have been included in sea duck limits. Sea ducks include harlequins, long-tailed (aka oldsquaw), all eiders, scoters and mergansers.

* Specific but smaller sea duck limits have been set for nonresidents.

* There are nonresident season limits on the take of each sea duck species and their combined total. Resident hunters may not take more than six daily, 12 in possession each of harlequin or long-tailed ducks. Nonresidents may not take or possess more than 20 sea ducks per season, including no more than four each of harlequin, long-tailed, black scoter, surf scoter, white-winged scoter, common eider or king eider per season.

* Conservative limits have been implemented on harlequin and long-tailed ducks for all hunters.

* Tin shot is no longer approved for hunting, but TNI (Hevi-Shot) is legal in 2001.

Migratory bird hunting is permitted from one-half hour before sunrise until sunset. The exact shooting times are adjusted to Alaska Standard Time beginning the last Sunday in October, and based on U.S. Weather Bureau data. In other words, shooting times change daily.

Complete regulations for migratory bird hunting for 2001-2 can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Web site at This site also contains information about shooting time tables for Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg and Ketchikan, bag limits, duck stamp requirements and nontoxic shot. Printable versions of waterfowl regulations and time tables are available here. Online licensing and duck stamps are available at this site, too.

Juneau is in Area 1 of the 26 Migratory Bird Hunting Zones established in Alaska. Other sections of Southeast Alaska are in Zones 2, 3 and 4. Commonly, the regulations are the same for 1 through 4, but it is good to check with your local Fish and Game office for exceptions. Call the Southeast Region office's wildlife conservation division at 465-4265.

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