A consensus builder

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

An important consideration facing the Juneau-Douglas voters is whether an Assembly candidate will be able to help renew Juneau's traditional ties to the rest of Southeast Alaska. Based on my six years of experience as the president and CEO of Goldbelt, Inc., I know that Randy Wanamaker will be an effective advocate for Juneau.

As an environmental assessor, Goldbelt director and Central Council delegate, Randy has been active for many years throughout the communities of Southeast Alaska. Having known, and worked with Randy at Goldbelt, I am aware of many occasions in which he facilitated consensus building with people by remembering to be inclusive and open-minded in order to reach common ground.

Because he can rise above the politics of the moment, Randy is able to unite people.

Juneau will need, and it can benefit from, Randy Wanamaker's type of leadership during the statewide debate over the proposal to move the legislature.

Joseph M. Beedle

Past Pres., CEO Goldbelt, Inc.


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