In favor of peace

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

I read Tuesday's Empire front-to-back. I have seen only snippets of the terrorist aftermath on television, and not the initial plane crashes into the World Trade Center towers. My limited exposure to television broadcasts I count as a blessing in terms of forming my own opinions and visions for peace and resolution. I cannot begin to describe my dismay with public opinion, radio newscasts, neighbors and even friends in favor of immediate strikes and declarations of war. I want to clarify a few points in favor of peace and changes in American foreign policy.

Tuesday's Empire featured articles gleaned from the Orlando Sentinel, the LA Times, Washington Post and Associated Press. The Orlando Sentinel reported that unlike Pearl Harbor, "Tuesday's terrorist strikes sought out civilian targets." Untrue. The Pentagon and financial district of New York City were targeted because they represent American military and economic policy. And contrary to media reports, it is wrong to assume the terrorists were motivated by a sense of "jealousy" of American freedoms and prosperity. This is a simplified and egotistical point of view, which simply no longer holds true.

The Washington Post stated, "The Pentagon is a symbol of America's ability and determination to protect and defend democratic values." This is inaccurate. The Pentagon, more than anything, symbolizes very undemocratic methods of preserving democracy. The Post also advocated that "the first policy response" should be to "strengthen the national intelligence assets." Let's wake up: Terrorism is a two-way street; and though we have been thus far protected by our aggressive military and economic systems, they now jeopardize our security. We must therefore consider humanistic, peace-driven, cooperative foreign policy.

Furthermore, if the terrorists are motivated for religious reasons, and if we are to follow President Bush's overtly Christian values, then absolutely we should not retaliate, but take a higher ground and carefully consider the motives of the terrorists, and our own responsibility in this tragedy. Principally, what changes in American foreign policy could positively affect world relations and equally protect American soil? Clearly, the international community is fed up with covert, American military intelligence and financial domination as it presently affects the global community. As Americans, as a powerful "First World" imperial country it is imperative that we make serious attempts to promote peace and cooperation by means of justice, restraint and negotiation. This is the only true path to peace.

Chris Joy


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