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Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

Mr. Alan Schorr's interest and concern for our school district is admirable. He should be commended for his role in the future of our schools through his participation on the school board. As a school counselor, I thank Mr. Schorr for his recognizing the need for lowering class size and noticing that our modern schools play a greater role than just reading, writing and arithmetic.

I invite Mr. Schorr to come into our schools with the first teachers (sometimes before five in the morning). I offer him the "lunch" many teachers miss as they are working fiercely with students. I ask him to recognize the teachers, staff and volunteers as they strive in a thousand ways to make our schools the successes they are. Please walk the last teacher to their car at the end of the day and open the door for them, and shake their hands as they come back to school on the weekend.

I encourage Mr. Schorr and all community members interested in making a real contribution to the future of our city, state and country to get involved with the amazing students, parents and teachers in our local schools. Come into our buildings; be a part of the process of teaching and learning that makes our community such a great place to live.

John Lawson

Glacier Valley School


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