Act of favoritism

Posted: Friday, September 13, 2002

I would like to express my disappointment regarding the Murkowski camp's decision to ignore our requests for their candidate to join our live televised gubernatorial debate. It came as quite a surprise to our newsroom when his debate schedule was announced (by e-mail) that KIMO (KJUD JUNEAU) was not included, though Alaska's Superstation made requests as early as July to accommodate his Senate and campaigning schedule. His own press release reads "...Selection Seeks to Reach Youth, Statewide Audience," though a request from the only true statewide television station was blatantly ignored.

When you watch the October debates on another local (Anchorage) television station - remember, the statewide venue for discussion between the top candidates was offered - but disregarded.

More troubling were the repeated promises since the early summer from his own campaign manager, Dan Saddler, to find a compromise that were broken - and the numerous calls to his campaign that even they admit were never returned. I may be able to handle this blatant unprofessional act of favoritism from the Murkowski camp as a member of the media - but not as a constituent. I am changing my voter registration away from the Republican Party at my earliest convenience.

Ty Hardt

News Director

ABC Alaska News

KIMO 13, Anchorage

KJUD 8, Juneau

KATN 2, Fairbanks

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