Worthy effort

Posted: Friday, September 13, 2002

I want to express my gratitude and admiration to JPD and Alaska Fish & Game officers for the prompt, safe and responsible manner in which they conducted themselves here at Creekside Park (aka Lemon Creek Manor) Trailer Court during the observation, containment and humane capture of one sow black bear and her three cubs during their repeat visit here recently. I am so happy with the outcome!

JPD Officer Bob Dilley has made repeated visits regarding this bruin family and in my opinion, his calm efficient and capable manner contributed in large part to today's win-win outcome along with those great guys from AF&G and our indispensable park manager, Dennis Piper, a retired policeman of many years from another state. The situational assessment, containment, darting, capture and relocation was a huge success of cooperative effort.

Having been raised by a "city cop" in Ketchikan and later Juneau, I know full well what it takes to present an armed officer to a situation containing the possibility of harm to both the two four leggeds involved without harm coming to any. I just want to be sure Officer Dilley knows we appreciate him, his training, his willingness to serve and assure the officer we think he's done better than his best to make it so! Kudos to all of JPD and AF&G officers and supporting staff!

I don't often have need to interact with JPD but when it becomes necessary I truly enjoy taking the opportunity to show my sincere appreciation to each member of the department who makes it all run as well as it does today. We, John and Susie Q. Public, really do not have a clue what it takes.

Sharon Martin


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