Consider age, health

Posted: Friday, September 13, 2002

At Gustavus it is against the law to use your four-wheeler to take out a moose. You are supposed to be able to get permission to use your four-wheeler if you are in poor health. I am 83 years old, the same age as the pope. I have a heart pacemaker. I have other health problems but if those two won't do the job nothing else would help.

Anyway, I was turned down.

Virginia Mason Hospital checks on my heart pacer every two or three months.

A Fish & Game man said he saw me walking on the highway and I was doing all right.

True, I am not totally disabled. If I didn't have a heart attack, I could carry out 20 pounds of moose at a time. That night the bear would get the rest and I would get a ticket for wasting meat. A handicapped person has the same right to a moose as a healthy person.

Charles W. DeBoer


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