Cowardice in Senate race

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, September 13, 2004

I write to add to Robert Hale's Sunday column (Empire, Sept. 5) about deterioration of the senatorial race between Murkowski and Knowles. These two otherwise willing politicians are showing political cowardice. Yes, I do mean cowardice. Is this in poor taste or libelous? Airing truths is always in poor taste to anybody avoiding them. The dictionary definition of cowardice is "showing dishonorable inability to confront, with fear in the face of, pain or danger."

We know all humans are imperfect, make mistakes and lie once in awhile. So how is taking potshots at each other's imperfections and past goofs really confronting and speaking to the trouble and problems that concern the citizens of this state? Are they describing how they will exercise the senatorial oath of office to fight the bribery, blackmail, corruption, and the intimidation of public servants in Washington, D.C. - existing under modern political parties? Oh no. They pose for public-relations stunts and spout rhetoric to create pretty images of a political aristocrat that will nobly represent and take care of us.

Do you think the main criterion in electing a U.S. senator is a candidate's potential to beg the most federal money for you? Do you actually like being treated like an animal swayed by an attractive face that promises you treats? Well, do you? Our two candidates apparently think such bribery hides their apparent fear of constituents and their desertion from making representative government work. Example: does either propose making citizen think tanks to search human knowledge and history for workable solutions to abortion, ANWR, environmentally sound development and resource extraction, control orientated education, terrorism, the Iraq trap, etc.? Nope. They just pursue endorsements from special-interest bullies and famous people on the basis that the average citizen subordinates himself like a low-rank animal in a wolf pack. Yet all political power originates from the confederation of all citizens.

Therefore, I will freely condemn Murkowski and Knowles for cowardice before the most vicious and sadistic terrorist in all eternity: willful ignorance. But I believe they both have untapped potential of being true statesmen, provided they actually use it. And if they would personally treat, with respect, solution sources like our constitutions, the writings of the great thinkers and observers of history, and then meditate on them like Napoleon suggested. I'll vote for the senatorial candidate who demonstrates the most courageous attempt at this, regardless of sins.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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