Activist is not a transportation expert

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Malcolm Menzies' editorial the other day about a road out of Juneau and SEACC's involvement was right on. Emily Ferry was protesting roads, the Tongass and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge long before she set foot in Alaska.

Her only professional transportation experience I can find on the Internet is when she rode a bike across country in 2001 to protest ANWR. This woman rode her bike about 4,000 miles around the country and along the way spoke to many different groups, and my guess would be spewing misinformation at each and every gathering. To do this is wrong and does an extreme disservice to the people of the state of Alaska.

Why the Empire always runs to SEACC for comments on transportation issues is a mystery. Getting an opposing view of an issue is good reporting, but the Empire staff should at least find someone who knows what they are talking about.

I would also like to once again bring up the fact that to travel by ferry to either Haines or Skagway, much less Prince Rupert or Bellingham, is cost-prohibitive for many Juneau residents. What about these Juneau citizens? Many people who oppose the road simply look at these folks and adopt a too-bad-so-sad attitude.

Charley Larson


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